Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Unexplainable Incidents

Unexplainable Incidents
Have you encountered a weird and strange incident that defies a logical scientific or common sense explanation? An unnatural phenomenal that one cannot understand…unless its an act from the supernatural, ghostly, guardian angel or even a ‘time-warp’. These are 3 different encounters and these are their stories.

Story 1
Daryl Ho, aged 17 at that time, was returning home after soccer practice with friends that evening. Daryl was rushing home and upon reaching the road cross junction, he hurriedly look to make sure that were no cars. He rode his bicycle across the deserted junction when he suddenly heard a voice yelling from inside his head, “STOP”. 

Deserted Road Cross Junction (

Daryl was so shocked that he hurriedly applied the emergency brake on his bicycle and he stumbled crashing on the side of the road. At the exact same time, the BMW car sped at very high speed sweeping across the road without even stopping. The very fast travelling BMW missed hitting Daryl by mere centimeters.  

Daryl always wondered whether he actually heard the mysterious voice asking him to stop and avoid hitting the speeding vehicle….

2nd Story
Clare and her cousin Vicky were both from Perak but they took the train to Singapore. Clare had an interview from a company and tomboyish Vicky was there to provide some moral support.

When Clare was finished with the job interview, she noticed that Vicki had on her hairpin. She casually asked her cousin for her hairpin back. Vicky was a bit defensive and she retorted, “I will return hairpin to you when I am done with it”.

 Photo of a Hairpin

Clare got that job in Singapore and she eventually moved to that city. Three years later, she got a phone call one night from her mother telling her that her cousin, Vicky, had passed away. Clare complained that could not attend the funeral in Perak because she was so busy with work and could not possibly take leave. Clare’s mother quickly said that its understandable that Clare could not in back for Vicki’s funeral besides Clare’s mother and the rest of the family will be there.

Three days later when Clare came back from work and she eventually went to bed. However she had a restless night and she had a terrible nightmare. In the nightmare she saw her cousin, Vicky, who was trying hard to say something to Clare but she just couldn’t understand.

Clare was restless and tired the next day at work probably thinking about the nightmare. While she was having lunch with her colleagues, one of them wanted to borrow a pen from her. Clare was busy looking at her large sling bag.  As Clare was looking at her sling bag, she felt something sharp and when she finally pulled it out of the bag… was her hairpin… the same one that Vicky borrowed from her!

Clare had no idea how the hairpin got into her sling bag…did the nightmare about Vicky the night before had something to do with it?

3rd Story
Zul and Nina were travelling to Batang Berjuntai in Selangor from their workplace in Kuala Lumpur. Zul was driving and he felt drowsy especially with Nina was continuous talking to him about some stuff about her colleagues at work.

All of a sudden, taken aback he realized he was falling asleep and he quickly peered at the surrounding. He had a complete shocked, their car was driving at the starting place of their journey …..after driving for more than 30 minutes!

Zul looked at Nina, with eyes wide looking at the scenery, she asked silently, “…didn’t we pass that back there…”.

Both Zul and Nina seemed to have a ‘time-warp’ and somehow transported when they realized that they were in exact beginning location.

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