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Spooky Home Incidents

Spooky Home Incidents

Homes can be a makeshift mat, flat, a Malay house wilt stilts, a terraced or an even a fabulous gigantic mansion. However, whatever a home is they can be a source of paranormal hauntings. There are numerous of spooky tales of such incidents but here are just 3 of them.

One of the Many Types of House in Malaysia

The town of Rembau which is nestled near Seremban in the state of Negeri Sembilan. Johan and his wife. Mariam, together with their 4 kids lives in small town of Rembau.

One night, after Mariam manage to get their kids to bed she when to take her shower in their bedroom. Johan was watching a tv program and that show was over he went to their bedroom. He was reading in bed when Mariam got in bed and asked, “Bang, why are you breathing so hard?”
Huhh? Bulu naik….Johan muttered to himself….I was not breathing loud!

Did Mariam hear somebody’s voice?

The next incident occurred when 14 year old Bobby Lam was in his house in a mid-sized town of Pasir Gudang in Johor. After dinner, Bobby was in his room playing PlayStation when he heard his mother loudly shouting his name. Shucks! what?…as he reluctantly put down his computer game saying, “Coming-ler ma”

Map of Pasir Gudang in Johor

He was running to the stairs when he felt a hand clutching his arm from the back. Looking back he was surprised it was found his frightened mother hiding in the closet….desperately saying, “I hear them shouting too!”

Heard his “mother’s” voice from downstairs….

The 3rd and final incident happened when Sharmala was about to go bed after reading a storybook. As she reached for the bedtime lamp to switch off she saw in the corner of her eye…a ghostly skeletal stump of a hand reaching to switch off the light!

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