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Spooky Grandmas’ Stories

Spooky Grandmas’ Stories

The special ties and bonds that grandparents have for their grandchildren are probably one of the greatest cherish relationship of all. I have for you 2 very special, touching but eerie stories about grandmas when they have passed away.

Pearl was only about 7 years old (mid 1970s) at that time and her grandma was coming from Terengganu in two weeks’ time for Pearl’s birthday. However shortly before Pearl’s grandma can make the trip to Malacca, she passed away suddenly but peacefully.

Pearl’s parents had to rushed down to Terengganu to prepare for Pearl’s grandma funeral. Pearl was not allowed to go because she had to go to school and maybe Pearl’s parents did not want Pearl to face heartbreak of her grandma’s funeral.

After Pearl’s parents got back from the funeral, they noticed that Pearl was still distressed about her grandmother’s sudden death. Pearl had not wanted a birthday party that year but her parents persuaded her to have a small celebration in their house.
A Vintage Telephone (

That night after the celebration, after presents from her family, she walked to the living room when the old dialing phone (or rotary phone) started to ring continuously. Pearl tried to look for her parents but realized they were at the back in the kitchen.

She picked up the phone and had trouble listening with the reception was so poor with just ……. bzzzz…bzzz  sound. She kept saying and asking, “hullo..hullo…do you want to speak with my dad or mom?” The telephone was barely audible, when a voice said, “ Girlee (Pearl’s nickname) its me Poh Poh (translation - grandma)…bzzz…Happy Birthday…bzzz….” then the  phone line went dead.

Pearl was totally shock then she ran to tell her parents but they got angry instead and told her not to make up stories like that again! Although nobody believes her but she absolutely heard her Poh Poh telephoned her so many years ago during her 7th year birthday!

The next story occurred when Natalie was 17 years old when her grandma passed away. Her relatives were so busy with the final preparation. Her grandma was laid at the chapel (beside the main church) before she finally lead to the Christian cemetery.

Natalie was so tired during the next few days that she did not cry…and only now before going to sleep that night, she thought of her grandmother. Natalie suddenly raised her eyes and fell the whole room was so cold…like it was like freezing. Her face was facing the wall and directly opposite bedroom door.

She felt someone looking behind her at her and quickly twisted her entire body around her body….and saw her grandma smiling walking through the opened bedroom towards her. Horrified with eyes wide and grabbing the blanket about her she only managed to muttered, “…grandma you are already dead..”

Natalie’s grandma stopped walking towards her, she seemed shock and surprised at what Natalie just said and looked carefully down at herself, her body…..  look up again at Natalie and she slowly disappeared into thin air!

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