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Spooky Incident at Glory Beach Resort

Spooky Incident at Glory Beach Resort

A group of school friends spent a scary night at the resort in Port Dickson.

Melvin and a group of school friends went to Glory Beach Resort in Port Dickson for a holiday. It was 6 years ago and they have just finished with their SPM exams and they pleaded with their parents to let them go to Port Dickson. Finally their parents relented and allowed them to go but they only managed to save enough money for 1 night’s stay at the resort.

Swimming Pool at Glory Beach Resort in Port Dickson

The 8 of them took a bus and then they took taxis before arriving at the resort. They check-in and rushed into their service apartment before spending the rest of the afternoon in the beach and swimming.

Living Room at Glory Beach Resort

After dinner at some food stalls they went back to their apartment. After taking their showers they sat around the living room – the boys were playing their playstation while the girls were busy chit-chatting. Melvin and some of the others feel something was not right but decided to ignore it.

A couple of hours later, as they sitting around the room, they heard the curtains slightly blowing and they thought it was the air-conditioner from the living room and ignore it. Half an hour they again felt the curtain move again, it was as if a person were jerking or violently tugging the curtains and then the curtains suddenly stopped. They looked at each other in surprised among before someone suggested it was late and they should be sleeping.

The four girls were in the bedroom and while the boys were in the living room. Some of them had a tough time sleeping that night. One of the girls, Eve, had a rough night as her blanket was pulled away from her body and she’s was shivering the whole night from the cold. The strange thing was that the blanket was not only pulled away but was folded neatly away at the bottom of the bed.

Joey, one of guys, had also a terrible night as he felt so hot and was sweating profusely the whole night. Joey was sleeping by the sliding door by the balcony which was beside the curtains. The air-con was on and it was strange as he should be the coldest instead of hottest.

They quickly got their personal stuff and checked out. The friends met the next day at their hometown and they wondered about the strange things that happened during 1 night at the resort. One of their friends, Shiva, hesitantly said he thought he saw something strange while they were sleeping in the living room (but did not tell anyone then). A hazy black figure was squatting and staring at Joey who was fast asleep, Shiva was so terrified at that sight he grabbed his blanket over his entire body (including his head) and finally manage to sleep.

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