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Old Family House in Temerloh

Old Family House in Temerloh

An old family house brings many back many happy memories but at the same time also many strange and weird incidents.

Signboard to Termeloh (

Termeloh is the 2nd largest largest town after Kuantan in the state of Pahang. 15 year old Aida lives with her parents and 4 brothers and sisters in the outskirt of Termeloh. They lived in an old bungalow Malay house together with their 2 cats and 6 chickens.

Aida was washing the dishes alone after their dinner (as their mother was not feeling well and decided to rest) in their kitchen. The kitchen was located in the lower back portion of their house and she was standing looking directly at the window when she saw little Dina (her youngest sister at 5) creeping past the window. Slightly puzzled, Aida called after Dina from the window but there was no reply. Aida went to the back door to looked for Dina (as her little was not allowed to play in the compound especially at night) as Aida reached round the compound she noticed Dina was partially hiding in front of a thick bush. Aida scolded her sister at the same time fumbled with her spectacles as it was in her pocket. 

When she finally managed to get her glasses on she little Dina was not there. Getting a bit annoyed Aida searched the entire compound before entering the living room again, only to find her sibling and her father watching TV. Little Dina was lying on the couch happily playing with Pokeman. She glared at her brothers and said they were supposed to take care of Dina and let her go to the compound herself. Her brothers were a bit dazed and confused and one of them said Dina was in the living room with them!

Another incident happened when Aida’s brothers, Kassim and Zamri, went out to play at the compound one evening. They saw a naked boy(must be around 7) playing by himself by the neighbour’s compound with some kuli (marbles). Kassim and Zamri were slightly surprised that the couple had children. As the boys were walking towards the naked boy, the other boy was startled and stared at them. 

Kassim and Zamri were also startled and stopped in their tracks when the saw the boy was not ‘normal’. It has the size of a fat naked boy but his face had wrinkles and when the boy realized that they were looking at him…..he opened his mouth to smile and teeth like little fangs. As both Kassim and Zambri took off in a flash, they could hear giggling and laughter from that naked boy.

Aida believed that what her brothers witnessed that evening actually was actually a toyol. Toyol is a mythical spirit of a child.

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