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Pekililing Flats – haunted?

Pekililing Flats – haunted?

A girl recounts her childhood life in Pekililing Flats which were filled of bitter sweet memories at the same time of tragedies of the countless tenants in everyday lives. It is also of her personal experiences of the eerie and spooky events in the flats.
Pekililing flats is located at Jalan Tun Razak and Jalan Pahang in Kuala Lumpur. It is also known also known as Tunku Abdul Rahman flats and it comprise of 11 blocks (A to L) each with 17 floors each. These units have up to 10 people cramped in each home to thousands of people who lived at the flats.
These flats of numerous ‘fire bombs’ (water filled with plastics), badminton games at the corridors etc were home to the kids, but it was also a place or shelter for drug addicts, the homeless, illegal activities and sleazy or unsavory characters. 

Newspaper cutting of Pekililing Flats (
Pamela Yip was a teenage girl when she was still living at the flats. She remembers the eerie feeling of walking to the lifts, the corridors between the individual units and the haunting darkness. She used to shrug off when she felt an inhuman touched her hand or shoulder but simply just walked away.

One particular incident practically freaked her out. When she was coming back at night, she was waiting for the lift when there was a tremendous sound thump! and the residents were rushing out to gather around the void area or the air well. A young woman committed suicide and fell from the upper floor. There were residents and neighbours hanging around with the police and ambulance and it was total chaos. Pamela was horrified and quickly fled to her family’s unit.
A couple of days after the incident when Pamela was walking out of the lift, she heard a woman sobbing and wailing. Shocked Pamela turned to an ‘aunty’ (Indian lady) and her daughter and both of them rushed off…whoosh!... to their home and locked their door.
Pamela’s family have heard from some of their neighbours that they too have heard a woman crying and sobbing. Some of the neighbours hired a Taoist priest to pray and chant and the priest went round the entire floor to appease the spirit.
Pekililing Flat was closed down in 2008.

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