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High School Batu Pahat – Haunted?

High School Batu Pahat – Haunted?

Is High School Batu Pahat really haunted? Many former students have personally witnessed the weird and unbelievable incidents.

Johor Baru is located about 70 to 100 km to the southeast of the town of Batu Pahat in the state of Johore. With a population of close to 500,000 which is the 2nd largest compared to Johor Baru which is also the state capital of Johore.

High School Batu Pahat is a secondary school for boys located in the town of Batu Pahat and is officially rename as Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tinggi Batu Pahat. It was built and established in 1914 in a mining area and Japanese army invaded in 1942 – 1945, hundreds of civilians were reputed to have been tortured to death. It is said that the spirits till today still haunts the ground of High School Batu Pahat

The Entrance of High School Batu Pahat (

There are numerous incidents of scary & spooky hauntings and the most frightening examples are as follows :

1.      There are many incidents about strange incidents in the toilets – maybe because of the number of suicides that have happened there. However there is a mysterious toilet (reputed to be a ladies toilet) which is locked and nobody knows the reason why.

2.      During camping by some of the students, or in the entrance there were unexpected sightings of apparitions including an incident of a faceless women waiting beside a motorcycle in the motor park.

3.      The unused old clock tower with the sound of clang! clang! could be suddenly be heard.

4.      Even an old piano with its sweet melodious sound can be inexplicably heard by the  students and staff.

5.       An old mak-chik hawker has even heard the sounds of marching by the soldiers and late at nights she has heard people scolding in Japanese language.

With its long and colorful history there are many unforgettable memories maybe it takes time to completely erase.


  1. Mak cik lucky didn't see anyone.

  2. the old classroom behind the main buildings the new buildings are really haunted...really no fake..
    the old flag pole now no more there also haunted.. the football field haunted..
    the headmaster room haunted got man with glowing red eyes..No fake really haunted..


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