Sunday, August 4, 2013

Important Hungry Ghosts Festival Rules

 Important Hungry Ghosts Festival Rules

The Ghosts Festival represents the most scariest and spooky time of the month as the wandering spirits are let out of hell and they are allowed to roam in our dimension for a month! This is one of the tale about someone who accidentally and breaks the rule during that month.

There are several important rules to follow especially from the Taoist faith for the Ghost Festival. The Ghosts Festival (or Qing Ming) falls on the 7th month of the lunar year and the hells are open and wandering spirits are everywhere! Some of these basic guidelines are:

1.      Be extremely careful of what you are saying as wandering spirits make take offense (angry-lah) at what is said.

2.      Avoid speeding (avoid knocking on wandering spirits)

3.      Do not spit at the roadsides, stalls etc and definitely do not pee outdoors (an even bigger no-no)

4.      Do not step on the offerings (hell notes, food, etc) offered to the wandering spirits 

Offering for the Death (

Harry Chu just had dinner together with a friend at a restaurant and he was walking back to his car. At the pavement, he was happily chatting with his friend, when he accidentally step over a roadside offering and nearly fell forward. Cursing he kicked at the offerings when his companion screamed at him to stop. Harry sneered and told his friend that is was only an old wives’ superstition. 

When Harry got back to his condo, he turned on the television and looked through his Facebook in the internet. He somehow felt extreme unease at his condo as if someone was looking at him but he casually ignored the feeling thinking its’ just his imagination. After a few hours he decided to take a shower in the bathroom. 

As he finished with his shower, he turned the shower curtain when he was truly shocked and rudely taken aback to find an old lady squatting on the bathroom sink.  It was an old lady with wrinkles about her face and she glared at him it with her angry eyes while squatting with her legs over the bathroom sink. 

“Oh God….” Harry managed to mumble as he scrambled and bolt out of the shower and into his bedroom stark naked. He left his handphone in the living room and he was too frightened to back and retrieve it. He only managed to trembled and cowered with his mattress over himself until the morning!


  1. Hi Christopher,
    I enjoy very much your ghost stories which happened in Malaysia. I stayed in KL a few years ago and I also experienced supernatural things in Malaysia. Fortunately, I didn't realize at that time that I met ghosts. I appreciate very much your writing and I also wish you fully recovery from your stroke. Best regards.


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