Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Haunted Home at Arau, Perlis

Haunted Home at Arau, Perlis

Roslan woke up and heard someone urgently knocking at his bedroom but who can it be at that time? He quickly got up and when to the door…then collapsed…woke up to an even bigger surprised.

Roslan was a student at Kolej Tuanki Ja’afar (KTJ) at Mantin in Negeri Sembilan. His girlfriend (now his wife) was also a student at that college and during their holidays spent their time at Rembau in Negeri Sembilan (Roslan’s home town).  Then they drove down all the way to Unmi’s home town at Arau in Perlis.

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Roslan was placed in a room downstairs (belum kahwin-mah) while the rest of Umi’s family stayed upstairs. Roslan secretly confided to Umi that he felt an extreme unease and he heard whispering from that room. Umi said that her grandma slept in there but she had passed away many years ago and it was just his imagination. 

One night when Roslan was sleeping, he suddenly awoke to the sound of someone knocking continuously at his door. Half asleep and worried why anyone would be knocking at that late hour, he opened the door…and he totally passed out!

He awoke the next morning, to find Umi’s mother screaming asking him to get up when he found himself cradled sleeping on the outside floor beside the bedroom. Roslan was truly shocked and he had only his underwear on…and the rest of the Umi’s family came running out downstairs. Roslan quickly grabbed an old towel to cover himself and kept on apolologizing to Umi’s mother. 

Luckily they did not think he was a sexual pervert as they found his bedroom door was locked with a deadbolt inside the room! Although Umi’s family could not find an explanation for the eerie and strange incident, Roslan secretly thinks that the ghost of Umi’s grandma was not too happy to find a stranger sleeping in her room!

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  1. That is sweet revenge for ghost when he act weird toward Umi grandmother.


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