Friday, August 9, 2013

Genting’s Ghostly Parking Space

Genting’s Ghostly Parking Space

“Lost Again!” lashed angrily Hector but tomorrow will be different, as he got ready to sleep in his old Proton car in Genting’s parking lot. He woke up to eerie and mysterious shadows moving about his car…

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Genting is famous for its slogan “City of Entertainment” with her array of hotels, theme parks and of course, its casino. To many people it has been aptly rename as the “Sin City” instead. For the numerous people it has been the source of spooky and eerie incidents of their trip to Genting Highlands.

Hector Chu has been to the casino at Genting Highlands trying to be fabulously rich but the opportunities have not happen yet. Tomorrow will be different, he thought to himself as he made to his old Proton car at the parking lot with signboards indicating for ‘free’ in Genting Highlands. When he got his car, he noticed the dimly lited car park area and howling wind and the thick swirling fog which has descended upon the open car park.

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After getting his pillow and a worn out blanket, Hector got to sleep in the back of his car. Awoke with a start of whispering of people laughing, he peered at the passenger window of his car and was shocked, there were two shadows (must be 7 – 8 year old kids from their size) playing in the car park. While he was desperately adjusting to the poorly lighted of the car park…3 other shadowy apparitions pop around his car windows. Half asleep and totally unexpected Hector with a yell…hooi!... grabbed his blanket and just stared with his mouth wide opened.

The three kid-like figures around the car windows were staring at him but he could not make out their features as only the shadows were visible from the poorly lighted areas…except the 3 kids had short sharp teeth! Frightened Hector covered his head with his blanked and mumbled prayers to the various dieties throughout the night.

It was the most terrifying incident in his life and Hector vowed never to go back again…unless if he can afford to sleep in a hotel in Genting Highlands.


  1. There are indoors parking which are free as well. He should know being an avid genting visitor.

  2. Covered parking also haunted. How?


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