Monday, August 5, 2013

Spooky Tales about Taxi Cabs

Spooky Tales about Taxi Cabs

Taxi Cabs work hard and long tedious hours every day just to make ends meet but also confronted by supposedly eerie and spine chilling incidents in their lives. Or what if suddenly confronted with a taxi from the other world!

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For the first tale, Tanya and her 2 friends were waiting for a taxi cab and it was very late after 3.30 am. After clubbing at a nightclub Tanya found her car wouldn’t start so instead of bothering anyone so late (or early) they decided to get a cab. 

Although it was late and the street was mostly deserted there were taxis but all of the just sped off except for a taxi which screeched to a stop in front of the 3 girls. The taxi practically inched slowly towards them before finally agreeing to take them. On the way back, Tanya who was more or less surprised asked the taxi driver, when he shyly mumbled “…to make sure that you are all are not ghosts”.

In the 2nd story, Lester was driving after a late night out with a group of friends. There was a taxi cab beside his car going very fast and zoomed past him. Being young and reckless, Lester also sped up after the taxi cab thinking that his car can even go faster. 

As the two cars drove at break neck speed swerving and screeching, the taxi suddenly turned into another adjacent street. Lester was furious as he turned his car around and he zoomed past that street…but the entire street was deserted with no cars around.

He later found out from his friends that a taxi had a bad car crashed and the taxi driver was killed! Lester was taken aback and wondered, “…tough life..still driving his taxi after passing away..”


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