Thursday, January 31, 2013

An Eerie Surprised Guest

An Eerie Surprised Guest
A group of friends out for the night meets up with an unexpected guest.

Dave, Philip and Sammi Teng were working for pool renovators and they spent their weekends clubbing and bar hopping. It was 9pm and they have arrived in residential double-storey house in Taman Megah to pick up Vincent for the night out.

Sammi Teng got out the car and she busy screaming and shouting for Vincent to come out. Dave and Phillip quickly got out and tried to get Sammi to keep it down as it was already dark and people should be around. They look into the upper floor window, where there was an older “uncle” who stood looking at them. Sammi argued that the older man was only staring at them but was not doing anything.

A Figure of a Man at the Front Window on the Double-Story House

As Sammi was busying arguing, a groggy Vincent opened the main door and he said he was not feeling well. They looked at Vincent, with his water eyes, running nose and his coughing they decided that he better get some rest.

When they were driving to the bars, Dave and Phillip noticed that Sammi who was sitting in the back seat was abnormally quiet (as she was extremely talkative). Phillip turned to look at the back seat where was surprised to find Sammi tucked and bent over her lap. Phillip excitably then asked Sammi what is wrong, is everybody going bonkers…is she sick. Sammi was shivering very badly with her head tucked in her lap managed to answer, “just please drive”.

Confused and lost about what was happening Dave drove them to a bright lilted mamak stall. Then over drinks, they managed to finally persuade the terrified and frightened Sammi to tell them what had happened.
The terrified girl told them as they driving, she noticed there another passenger in the car…it was the older “uncle”…and he was smiling at her…and he was all dressed up (like colorful paper attire) with hell money in his pocket!

After they managed to calm her down, (unconvinced and thinking she must be sick or crazy) they took her back to her house. With the night totally ruined, they drove back to their houses.

“Hell Notes”

When the next day, Dave was about to drive his car for a nearby breakfast, he had a shock when he found “hell notes” in the back passenger seat!

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