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Kayangan Apartment in Genting Highlands

Kayangan Apartment in Genting Highlands

A young couple at Kayangan Apartment at Genting Highlands encounters a nightmarish ordeal.
Kayangan Apartment is adjoining to Ria Apartments which is located in Genting Highlands in state of Pahang. Together with five hotels namely Genting Hotel, Highlands Hotel, Resort Hotel, Theme Park and First World Hotel are owned by the late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong and his family of the Genting Highlands Resort Bhd.

Map of Genting Highlands in Pahang

Myths and folklore about the haunting at Genting Highlands are very common from the countless tales from clients from people who had waited the place who visit the place. Are these incidents real? – I leave it up to you to decide.

A Photo of Kayangan Apartment at Genting Highlands

This encounter was told by Ivan, who went with his girlfriend, Melissa, a few years ago during their trip to Kayangan Apartment at Genting Highlands. During that particular incident, both Ivan and Melissa checked in the apartment and went out for a very quick meal. Then they rushed off to the casino -Yipee! (insane laughter and happiness) 

After more than 6 hours, after losing a bit of money then finally to go back to their apartment. After a quick shower both the couple went to bed. Ivan was having his beauty sleep when he felt an iron-grip on his poor arm. It was his girlfriend Melissa who was gripping his arm she was terrified and whispered to Ivan, “There is somebody there!” Although feeling foggy and the pain in his arm from Melissa’s vice-like grip, he yelped “What the f@#*&!” he managed to fumble and switch on the night lamp in their bed.

Melissa was still in bed with one hand was still gripping his arm and the other hand pointing to the spot directly beside their bed. Fortunately or unfortunately there was nothing there! Together with Melissa hiding behind him, they checked their bedroom and even their bathroom but there was nothing there.

Melissa told him what happened, she was sleeping when she saw a dark figure looming in the bedroom looking at her. Shock, she closed her eyes and then opened her eyes again but this time the figure was beside her! That was when desperately she grabbed Ivan’s arm trying to get away.

That night after the scary incident, both of them went to sleep in the living room, with a big “bear-hug” around each other. They left the next day from Genting Highlands but not before spending their time at the casino (what to do, gambling addicts!).

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