Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Roti Man’s Spooky Encounter

Roti Man’s Spooky Encounter
A spooky experience by a Roti Man’s while working on his round.

I remember the by-gone days where the Roti Man comes selling his wares in an old bicycle. His loaves of bread, buns and “kuih-kuih” (Malaysian cakes) will be filled till over-flowing and stacked over his bicycle. Housewives will gather their bread with their 555 book (credit) and children will gather to buy tid-bits of all kinds. Also the “tikam” games of the spin the wheels or the pull type – no wonder the adults are addicted to gambling especially the Chinese.

Photo of a Roti Man in Malaysia

Marimuthu was furiously pedaling to a place between a residential cum illegal factory lot and he was running late. It was late in the evening and it was getting dark but there was still some light. He had to stop when he realize that the chain have come loose or unstuck between his bicycle pedal. He parked at the roadside while trying to fix the problem with his chain and pedal when he noticed that he was opposite an old plastic factory. Beside the factory between the ‘lalang’ was a young woman (could not see the features because it was dark) who seem to be waiting for somebody. He did not take any interest as he tried to fix the chain on his bicycle.

By the time he managed to fix the problem (after more than 30 minutes) he looked again and saw that the young woman was still there. Thinking it was a bit strange that she was standing between the overgrown bushes in the dark when she suddenly turned away. As she was turning away, he realize that the young woman was ‘sliding’ away then turned into a hazy featureless entity moving in left and right direction away the factory. He was terrified when he realized he saw the spirit of the young woman.

He pedaled off furiously in his bicycle.

In a few months after that incident, he was chit-chatting with an old housewife around that neighbor when she asked and confirmed that it was that factory. It seems that a man was tragically killed in accident in the factory. His wife was so heartbroken that she felt ill and died soon after that!

Marimuthu truly believe that the young woman’s ghost is still waiting for her long lost husband!


  1. The poor roti man and his ghostly encounter. But reading about the roti man did bring back memories. I had forgotten about the 555 book - but now I can see it in my mind again! You are right, every housewife (and child) seemed to have one of those 555 books :D

  2. Oh yeah..about the 555 book...gone are those days

  3. If only malaysia was still malaysia.


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