Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Mysterious Encounter with a Neighbour

A Mysterious Encounter with a Neighbour

A mysterious and surprising encounter results in unexpected shocking results.
Yvonne Soo took a bus one night to look for her friend, Ivy, as she has not been to work for a few days. It was dark when Yvonne arrived at the block of flats. At the bottom of the flat she pressed the bottom of the lift and looked and she looked at the gloomy environment. She looked at the old Indian lady who was busily looking at the board which showed the messages, the ads, for sale etc. at the lift. She was admiring the old lady’s beautiful maroon (dark and rich red colour) saree when she noticed the “on” button for the lift. Yvonne politely said, “Are you coming?” as she gestured to the lift. The old lady, seem surprised by Yvonne’s invitation but she just smile and shook her head. 

Yvonne looked at the other lift which on the 12 floor and thinking the old Indian lady must be waiting for someone. She walked to the lift and pressed and pushed the button for the 9 floor which was the level where Ivy and her parents live.

The buttons of the panel on lift

When Yvonne arrived at the 9 level she hurriedly got out of the lift…but she noticed that old Indian woman was walking towards the block. She was not sure with the poor lightings but with maroon colour saree was clearly her. Yvonne was clearly puzzled think how she got above her to that level so fast – it was not impossible. However before Yvonne could not talk to her the old lady was already walking away to the end of the corridor.

Yvonne finally got to Ivy’s and her parents’ place but she could not get her mind how strange incident about the old lady. Eventually Yvonne finally blurted out the incident including the maroon saree and the lift. Ivy and her parents were horrified and looked at each other, when Ivy’s mother whispered and told her that the old lady especially the colour of the saree sounded familiar but…she passed away 3 years ago! According to Ivy’s mother, the old lady’s son was killed in a tragic car accident and the old lady was so stricken and so heart-broken that she also died shortly after that. It seemed that some people have seen her looking and waiting patiently for her son!


  1. Poor ghostly old lady. She must not know she is dead or can't find her son in the land of the dead. Lucky not a malicious ghost!


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