Friday, January 25, 2013

Eerie AirAsia Flight

Eerie AirAsia Flight
An airplane flight back to Kuala Lumpur leaves a man with a totally eerie encounter.

AirAsia Berhad is a local-based company that has a hub in Kuala Lumpur, namely Low-Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) at KL International Airport. It was also the largest carrier in Asia owned by a successful entrepreneur Tan Sri Tony Fernandes.

Photo of AirAsia plane

Hafiz and Farisha, a newly wedded couple, had a wonderful and peaceful stay at a beach resort in Sarawak. They were on a late fight back to Kuala Lumpur and Hafiz was seated in the window seat while Farisha was sleeping with her head on Hafiz’s lap. The night was dark with the individual passenger light was on and Hazif was casually looking outside the window on his side.

All of a sudden, Hafiz was slightly surprised when he noticed the reflection on his window that Farisha was up and sitting down. Farisha was not only sitting down but she was looking directly at him with a strange and queer smile. He was shocked and amazed when he turned around to face Farisha to ask her what is so funny. However Hafiz was more surprised to find Farisha gently sleeping on a small pillow on his lap. Totally confused, Hafiz turned back to the reflection on the window when he saw a reflection of Farisha sitting up-right and with her eerie smile. Totally frustrated and now frightened, Hafiz spun around to look again at his wife but only to find the view of Farisha sleeping peacefully on his lap. “OMG! what is going in...” he muttered to himself now totally confused and horrified. He slowly turned his head and he again saw the vision Farah's reflection with a devilish smirking face!

Hafiz shook his wife to wake her up with the excuse that his feet were asleep (numb). Then he quickly turned his head to the passenger window, with his eyes squeezed shut, he quicly pulled the curtain over the window.

Although he was totally freaked out, he never told Farisha about the scary incident as he did not want to frighten her.


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