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A Spooky Experience at A’Farmosa’s Resort

A Spooky Experience at A’Farmosa’s Resort
 At a yearend family holiday at A’Farmosa Resort in Melaka provides a relaxing and away from the bustling city life of Kuala Lumpur.

A Map of the Resort in Melaka

Hafiz aged 15, together with her younger sister, Farah 6, together their Indonesian maid, Kak Hayati together with their parents was booked at a bungalow at the resort. They spent a couple of days at the Animal Safari, Water parks excreta and enjoying themselves. 

A Bungalow at A’Formosa Resort in Melaka

Hafiz’s parents have a dinner appointment with their old ex-neighbours at the nearby clubhouse but already paid for dinner for the rest.

After taken their showers and dinner, they were in the Dinning/Living room and waiting their parents' dinner to be over. Hafiz was seated and partly leaning looking at the TV at the same time was busy talking to his pal on his mobile phone. On the other hand, Farah was sitting on the floor playing with her online game with Kak Hayati at sitting her side.

Whoosh! The curtain from the Dining/Living a sudden gust from the curtain and the curtain was pushed apart…”Hey! Who left that open!” yelled a furious Farah, Hazif’s younger sister who as usual being “manja” (spoilt rotten”) as the curtain was blown from behind her.

Hazif reluctantly walked to where heavy curtain together with Kak Hayati to inspect but found the found the patio doors were firmly closed. Thinking the wind must be blowing from other part of the room, Hazif said, “The doors were closed…dumbo!”  (dumbo – is translation meaning dummy, stupid etc…ha ha)
Three years after that, Kak Hayati was packing her stuff to go back to her home in Indonesia for good. She said to Hazif that he must look out for the family, especially little Farah. She said she did not know why but she has the ability to somehow see the “unclean” or unnatural things. For example, during the trip to the resort in Melaka, she saw a hand (only a single hand without the rest of the body) pushing the curtain to open! That is why she hurriedly rushed Farah to bed.

In fact, on the last trip to Melaka, late at night she saw a dark greenish walking in her bedroom. To her surprised it has the shape and size of a human or…a young child and was naked! The “child” was just as shock to see her but then giggle continuously and eventually ran off from outside of her bedroom!

Can some people “see” things of the undead, of the supernatural or ghosts….

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