Sunday, February 3, 2013

Motorcyclist, Girlfriend & “Ponti”

Motorcyclist, Girlfriend & “Ponti”

A motorcyclist and his girlfriend were riding after a date before meeting with a Pontianak!
Dereck Chui went to a cinema in town with his girlfriend, Linda, before adjourning to their favourite hawker stalls in Temiang Jaya, Seremban. After their meal, Linda wanted to bring porridge for supper to her father, mother, sisters and brothers (not cheap to pay for everybody’s food but it is expected - hee hee!). 

At a Hawker Stall – porridge

Dereck and Linda packed the front carriage and fastened the bags of porridge in his motorbike, a Honda Cub. After that, he together with Linda, riding at the off his motorcycle, rode off. As the night was dark and a bit chilly, Linda had wrapped herself in a sweater for the journey.

A Honda Cub with a Front Carriage

Linda house was located at a slightly elevated locations and Dereck found his motorcycle slowing down drastically. He was wondering why was that, either the motorcycle was underpowered, or maybe the bags of porridge was too heavy or maybe Linda suddenly put on weight (ha! ha!  joking-lah about reason 3). He casually glanced at his rear mirror and …bulu sudah naik…he saw a woman sitting beside Linda! The woman was dressed in white blouse and had long thick fuzzy hair and she was smiling at him…and it seemed that Linda was unaware of the strange woman sitting beside her! Oh God! He was absolutely scared to death.

Gunning up the rev from his motorcycle as high or fast possible (but it seem to be hardly moving) he rode the motorcycle, together with Linda and “friend”, to the porch of her house.

“Why so drive so slow just now and now so fast?” Linda yelled, as the motorcycle suddenly seem to decrease substantially in weight. Dereck quickly looked at the back of the motorcycle but was so relieved to see only Linda.

He never told Linda about the incident about the Pontianak behind her back or her family because he did not want to frighten them. Incidentally, he married Linda and they have two kids (my wife would be so happy to know that…she just loved it when a couple get married). 

I am not sure whether it was a pontianak that Dereck saw that night.

Pontianak – is a Malaysian ghost. “Perempuan Mati Beranak” in the Malay language and it means woman killed during childbirth.


  1. That is a great story Christopher and very scary to have a ghostly friend riding along with the couple. But since "pontianak" means a pregnant woman who died before childbirth - what makes the guy think that this was a pregnant ghost?

  2. I not sure whether it is really a pontianak. The description from my friend sounds like a pontianak.


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