Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Young Man’s Dilemma

A Young Man’s Dilemma

A young’s man dilemma about his ability to “see” the supernatural but was could not prevent his close friend’s death.

Some people have been gifted with the ability to see and hear “things” – like ghosts, the afterlife, spirits, demons etc. in their everyday lives. The Chinese called it “Ying Yan” eyes and other people will named as simply the 3rd Eye. It is like a 6th sense where one can see or hear the supernatural. These people seemed to be born with such abilities with visions of dead people – like a father, mother and their children at an open hawker stall going about their ‘normal’ activity but sometimes there are harmful or malicious spirits are seen and must be avoided at all circumstances.

Anyway this is a recollection from my friend, Juan Sim who has with the ability to see such things from very young. Some of his childhood friends will kept quiet when Juan Sim seen preoccupied looking at things that nobody can see or hear.

After graduating Juan Sim was working in his hometown in Johor Baru. He had met a girl that was madly in love with but he had sensed a spirit with bad intention was following her. He begged her many times to let him drive her around and that he was willing to go anywhere. She just took it as a joke besides she laughingly said he has to work.

A Car Accident

Soon after that, she had a bad accident when she was driving her mother to her weekly open market. Her mother was seriously hurt but Juan Sim’s friend was killed! 

After the funeral, Juan Sim wracked his brain wondering whether he could have done more to prevent the tragedy. Hapless and stricken with unbearable guilt about the loss of his friend, Juan Sim found a new life working as a computer technician for a mobile phone store in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. He keeps mostly to himself as he worked at the store where I met him one day eating his lunch by himself.

With what little I know, the paranormal world is impossible to understand and nobody can do more for his friend…except, eventually as time passes, all wounds will be healed.

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