Sunday, January 13, 2013

Rukun Tetangga’s Member Eerie Encounters

Rukun Tetangga’s Member Eerie Encounters
A Rukun Tetangga member’s work hard to keep the local community and neighbourhood safe but also encounters with the supernatural and the afterlife.

Encik Mohktar has been part of the Rukun Tetangga (Neighbourhood Watch) voluntary program by the Government for over 30 years. He has retired now, where he was previously working in a Post Office and he lives in a flat with his wife and two daughters.

A Rukun Tetangga Team at Work

He says that the voluntary work has been mostly dull and tedious but he personally caught thieves and burglars which makes it worthwhile. He also faced numerous dogs of many sizes and types while patrolling the neighbourhood.

He however has seen many situations that cannot be normal when his ‘bulu roma naik’ (goosebumps) and he will normal say his prayers. He has recounted some of the encounters that he has experience.
When he and his friend were at their patrol during the late nights, he saw under the moonlight something whitish (like wearing a cloak) flying in the night sky. The apparition was flying in a zig-zag fashion before losing the sight of the apparition under the trees!

On another night, he saw a man walking near an old car parked on the side lane. He was about to about asked if they could be of help when the man moved off in a hurry. Encik Mohktar when he reached the old car wondered why the man was walking in a strange fashion when to his shock he realized the man did not have any feet.  He was sliding along without any legs! By the time he got over his shocked, the “legless” man has disappeared.

In another encounter, Encik Mohktar and his friends were walking to a location where it was famous for being haunted. An old deserted house opposite to a TNB (electricity board) station was located there. Where they have many nights heard the sounds of a group of people talking, sound of water flushing in the toilet repeatedly and even a child mournfully crying or weeping. This is actually a vacant lot!

Encik Mohktar said sadly, “It is better to leave up to God”.


  1. Eerie encounters indeed! Scary to be on neighbourhood watch!

  2. Some people jog every night around the neighborhood and never ever encounter anything. So it depends on the particular person.

  3. You are right. It depends on the person - whether the luck is high or low. Good day to you.


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