Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Young Teacher’s Mysterious Visitor

A Young Teacher’s Mysterious Visitor
A young teacher at a missionary school meets a really eerie and unexpected visitor.
Miss Chuah was just started as a teacher in a missionary school in the 1970s in Perak.  It has been just a couple of weeks she started working as a teacher and she wanted so much to do everything right. 

A Typical Missionary School in Malaysia

She was in the afternoon session and after work, she went into the teachers’ room to do some work for the next day. When she was done, she looked about the teachers’ room and she realized that it was quiet dark. She was about to switch the lights off when she notice a blurry image dressed in white in the corner of the room. Thinking it must be a nun in their nun’s white habit (white clothes-uniform), she felt somewhat award and shy but she nonetheless hurriedly went to greet her. 

When she reached the nun or “sister”, she saw a much older woman of European descent who was smiling sweetly at her. As she reached her hand to greet the nun, the image began to slowly fade until she disappeared completely. Shocked and totally confused…she just screamed and screamed. 

She could only remember that a few of the other teachers, the other nuns and an old gardener/caretaker rushing into the room. They comforted her when she was blabbering about what she saw about how and the nun suddenly disappeared. The older teachers and nuns looked at each other but they did not say anything. She was back to her house and they brought back a Catholic priest to bless the teachers’ room and the school.

Miss Chuah served nearly 9 years at that missionary school before being transferred to another school in another state. Except for that incident, there were no other strange and eerie encounters but a wonderful and fulfilling of her time in that school.

Maybe there was one last incident, when Miss Chuah was leaving the school for good, when she her car, she saw in a distance, a person in white in the old teachers’ room. Whoever it was, Miss Chuah simply waved back at her!

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