Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Demonic Possession

Demonic Possession
A Demonic Possession and how friends rally to save to save a family.

Some people have claimed that evil spirits, devils, malicious deities, imps and even negative black energies can and will caused them to be affected. These symbols in the form of amulets, photos, demonic dolls etc. which represent the dark forces similarly affects the people.

Melvin and Kate Chew are happily married with three kids lived in the suburbs in Malaysia. Melvin over the year has been increasing obsessive with paranormal and supernatural stuff which drastically affected his life with his family and his job. 

Demonic Amulets and Dolls

Increasing violent fights with his wife who finally left her husband and taking her children to live with her parents. Frustrated and tired of the constant fighting and missing his wife and kids, he finally resorted to get help from the church. Melvin looked extremely pale with the skin on his face was dry and his lips were cracked.

The pastor and some church members resorted to go to his house and remove the statues of the deities, amulets and his magazine, newspapers cuttings. Then the church group cleaned the entire house, with brooms and mops and finally removed the heavy curtains from the windows.

More Deities

The articles were packed in the truck (4 truck loads!) and over flowing to the brim. The truck was carried one by one to a faraway forested area and deserted vacant lot.

1 ½ tone Truck

They then threw the trash into a huge pile and lit up the bonfire. By that time, it was getting dark and the only light came from their torch lights and the headlight from the trunk. Sweating profusely they prayed while looking at the huge fire.

The fire from the huge trash turned from an orange glow to a gigantic fiery greenish flame. In the dead of night, they heard through the cackling of the flames, the sound of many horrible and eerie laughters. The laughing, at the tail end of the bonfire, instead sounded like mournful cries and wails of pain and frustration…until the fire has burnt out completely.

Melvin recovered completely with the help of the pastor and church group and although he lost his job, he is presently looking for another. His family has also returned to their house.


  1. Almost like Feng Shui magic - clean out the house of accumulated debris and haunted and demonic stuff that has been blocking us might also get cleared out! :)

  2. Actually my house have a lot of junk...must clear it.

  3. Yes do. Otherwise there might be all kinds of DEMONIC POSSESSION going on!!!!

  4. The picture of the deities that you posted are called, Kumantong(古曼童) and it won't cause any demonic possession. Instead, it bring luck for you. Instead of feeding it blood like 'toyol', you just feed it snack, candy or some vitagens or milk (just like a kid).


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