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Eerie Incident at Reflexology Centre

Eerie Incident at Reflexology Centre
Reflexology Centres are very popular (especially with males) that instead of a relaxing massage after a hard day’s work, it is related about the seamy and sexual activities of that trade. However, this is a story about the unnatural and ghostly encounters in a Reflexology centre.

Brenda Shi works in a Reflexology centre in town of Butterworth. Butterworth is off to the island of Penang and is located at the bottom of peninsula Malaysia. She lives with 5 other girls in the centre in the top floor of the centre and works on bottom at the 1st floor.

Map of the town of Butterworth in Malaysia

On many nights, after work, she and the rest of girls have heard a mournful crying from a small kid. The cries will occur continue throughout the nights. As they stay on the top floor of a shoplot, they were puzzled about the cries. When during the next day, the girls asked their neighbours, they confirmed hearing the tearful cries and weeping from a child. However, they adamantly said that do not anybody around there that have a kid!

Foot Massages at Reflexology Centre

Even more frightening, Brenda has seen an apparition one night. It was late at night when she found that she had to the toilet. She tip-toe slowly to prevent the girls from waking up in their room. She did not turn out the light as she made her way to the toilet and notice that windows were left opened. As she was about to walk to the opened windows, she noticed a blurry image of someone standing at the far end of their living room. She quickly wrapped her eyes and she make out the vision…it was an old man with white hair and he was preoccupied looking at the windows. OMG! Absolutely terrified and hurriedly rushed back to her bedroom without going to the toilet.

Some of the shoplots were old and no one knows the real history of that place.

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