Saturday, April 27, 2013

Old Office Bungalow in KL

Old Office Bungalow in KL

A guy recounts the spooky events working in an old office bungalow in late 1990s.

Selected Map of Kuala Lumpur

Gregory Liew, an old friend of mine, used to work under a public listed company in the 1990s. His office at a large bungalow lot in Lorong Yap Kwan Seng right in the city as an operations manager. The old office bungalow consist of an old building located in a fairly large land which is mostly for internal office car parks. The main bungalow has basically remained the same but internal partitions and use for office have changed. It was originally use as a residential private (by Mat Sallehs - Europeans) bungalow. Looking at the structure, a person could not help think of the past and the people who lived there.

They were a lot of talk among the girls (and some guys) about the building being haunted but Gregory did not much attention to it and took it as foolish and childish tales.

One day he was having an angry and heated meeting with his staff in the ground floor when he found that he could not speak. After checking with a private specialist, nothing was found wrong but he could not speak for two weeks! Taking the time now to ponder and wonder, maybe there was something eerie about the old office bungalow.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Part-Time Ghost Hunters

Part-Time Ghost Hunters

A young couple explains why they are so fascinated with ghost hunting.

An old friend used to tell me that, “Easy to invite these ‘beings’ but so difficult to send them away”. I think what he means it that we should never intentionally or deliberately mess with the paranormal beings. Instead we should avoid as much as we can these ‘beings’.

However, I guess some younger people are attracted to the existence or the mysteries of the realm of the afterlife. In fact, they will even the purchase the equipments to specially search for the supernatural.

Equipment for Ghost Hunting

I accidentally met with Polly and Benjamin when I was waiting (patiently…argh!) for my wife at a shopping mall. Polly Teoh and Benjamin Liew are good friends with Tommie, who is my neighbours’ son. I wrote a short article about Ghost Hunting in my earlier blog.

Poly and Benjamin joined me for a drink and we talked about the latest day to day stuff. I asked them why were they so interested about Ghost Hunting – I would jokingly refer to them as Part-Time Ghost Hunters.

Polly explained that when she was studying in Convent Sentul, she was with another girl in class. From the corner of her eyes, she noticed something whitish flashing across in front of her. She was absolutely scared and horrified then the other student started crying uncontrollably. The other girl looks like as if she was possessed and kept crying. After that incident, her Malay teacher told her that the girl was possessed by a spirit. Ever since that day, Polly was obsessed with the existence of the paranormal or supernatural.

However Polly have not encountered any spooky or weird incidents except for one particular episode. This was a couple of years ago, when a group of them met one night, to look for a haunted bungalow in Puchong. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

National Service (NS) Trainees Chilling Incident

National Service (NS) Trainees Chilling Incident

3 NS trainees are horribly spooked when they are lost during the jungle segment of their training.

Recruitment of all 18 years Malaysians, both males and females, are chosen to be in the National Service (NS) after their SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia) examination. Those trainees are placed in camps throughout the country for a duration for a length of 3 months.

National Service (NS) Trainees in Malaysia

Zayd, Rashid and Weng are trainees and they have been selected to a Government camp in Sarawak. The three of them were assigned to a forest assignment and were terribly lost. (I have translated their conversation from Bahasa Malaysia to English…as best I can)

“Deep Shit!”, yelled Zayd when they realized that the three of them were absolutely lost somewhere in the jungle. The trainees were not allowed to use their handphones (surrendered to the Camp Commandant) and could not inform their supervisors that there were simply lost. As the sun was setting, it was nearly 6pm, and it was getting dark, they had no choice but look for help.

They decided that the three of them should go individually to go in different directions to look for help and report back in the same place. When Zayd got back first, he saw a very old lady slowly walking  near a thick and leafy footpath. Zayd quickly rushed to the old woman and panting heavily, said that they were lost. He noticed that the old woman seemed to be extremely old, with wrinkles and her face was shrunken with age. However the old woman only looked up at Zayd and smiled. Alamak! thought Zayd when he realized that either the old woman was mad or she doesn’t understand the language.

While this was going on, Rashid came back and muttered to Zayd, “Ayoh! Pretty girl…” Zayd was puzzled and confused about Rashid statement. Before Zayd could say further, Weng came back running saying heard that the trainers had found them…Weng abruptly stopped was shocked and stared at the old lady.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Terrifying Vision at Budget Hotel

Terrifying Vision at Budget Hotel

A young man spends a terrifying night at a budget hotel.

Adnan stays at a flat with his family in state of Terengganu in Malaysia. He works as a Marketing Executive at a Batik factory where colourful and motifs are done by hand. At 25 years old, Adnan spends his spare time (if not with his family) then with his buddies at a coffee shop.  He and his friends would chat about anything, especially about sports (football foremost), girls and of course, cerita hantu (ghost stories).

Unfortunately Adnan did not too much experience with his personal life. One time when he was sleeping (his bedroom is just beside the corridor to the flat) late at night where there was barely a sound, he heard a girl voice from his corridor – the girl was busy yapping but not loud enough to hear the words. The strange thing, he could hear voice only her voice as if she was talking to herself. 

In another incident, Adnan was lying in bed, rolling in bed, trying desperately to sleep. When he heard the sound of playing marbles….sounds like in the common staircase between the blocks of flats. Tok! Tok! Tok!....the constant distinct unmistakable clicking sound of glass marbles. At 3 am?...Adnan was too frightened to find out, he covered his head and body completely with his blanket and did not wake up until the morning.

One day, Adnan had to rushed to Alor Setar in Kedah as he was running late to drop of batik samples to a new client. By the time he finally the place, it was already dark. As he was too dark to drive back home, he decided stay in a budget hotel before driving back home the next morning. 

A Typical Budget Hotel in Malaysia

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A night in Tambun Inn in Ipoh, Malaysia

A night in Tambun Inn in Ipoh, Malaysia

Tambun Inn has been listed as one of the Top 15 places of the most haunted in Malaysia. It is in fact (if I remember correctly, it is No. 6) of the most nightmarish and scary place in the whole country.

In fact I have written about the hotel (in another blog) about the events told my other readers and other clients of the hotel and their recollections of haunting and other ghastly ghost sightings.

Timbun Inn is a three-storey commercial building in the residential area of Ipoh in Jalan Tambun Ipoh near an old Chinese cemetery. It is about 3 km from the train station and 5 km from the airport.

Photo of Tambun Inn in Ipoh, Perak

Many accounts have been documented about ghosts wandering in the hotel, lights switching on and off, eerie whispers, shouts and screams from scary unknown entities. There is even a source that claim an elderly woman whose ghostly vision or image appear a road leading to the hotel.

George Hong as a client of the hotel has the normal complaints, like the karaoke was too noisy, the service and the housekeeping was too slow and there were no carpet on the floors. However George was a die-hard and avid amateur “ghost investigator” as such he was looking forward to visit Tambun Inn in Ipoh on work after the hearing the many ghostly supernatural incidents about the place.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mysterious and Scary House

Mysterious and Scary House

“There is a ghost in every house” a friend of my father likes to say.

Sheila lives in a suburb in a link double-storey terrace in town down in Taiping, Perak. She is the only child and she stays with her parents. She work a tourist guide, as such, she has to wake up very early to get to work.

1st Ghostly Experience
One morning, Sheila was up very early and she must put her makeup on and dress, when she heard sound from the kitchen downstairs, like someone was busy boiling water and making breakfast. She thought it was a bit strange but guessed that it was probably her mother. Normally her parents would wake up much later at 8am, when her father goes to work. 

When she has finished with her dressing, she went down to kitchen and hoping to wish her a mother a ‘Good Morning’. When she got to the kitchen downstairs, she was puzzled that her mother wasn’t there – in fact, the kitchen was exactly where it was last night no cups, no dishes, no pots have been moved!

As she was late for work, she intended to ask her mother later at later in the evening. During dinner she asked her parents whether anyone was in the kitchen early last morning. Her parents looked at each other and said no!

2nd Ghostly Experience
My aunty and cousin came to our house for a visit. My aunty was in the kitchen and was getting a glass of water. Beside the kitchen there is a small store room, which was partially closed when saw something floating in that room. Being a busybody, she crept to take a closer look – it was a fast-moving white shadowy thingy which disappeared in the air! 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Child Ghost at Pulau Redang

Child Ghost at Pulau Redang 

A couple, their maid and their young child visit Pulau Redang for their vacation meet up with scary and unexpected experience.

Pulau Redang is the largest of the 9 islands in Terengganu off the east coast of Malaysia. It is also accessible car and sea (fishing village of Merang) or air. It is well known for the sandy white beaches and crystal clear water for local and foreign tourists.

Overall Map of Pulau Redang

Halim and Zaleza were taking their 4 year daughter, Shila, together with their Indonesia maid on a trip to Pulau Redang for a vacation. After the day’s event at the beach, Halim was checking in he his laptop for the latest news while Zaleza was choosing their daughter’s clothes. Meanwhile, their maid, Nina, were preparing some food while little Shila were sitting in the living room engrossed with her toys.

View Of Pulau Redang

Their maid, Mina, walked into the room when little Shila said in her ‘manja’ (spoilt) voice, “Shila tak mahu main dengan budak nakal lagi” (translation : don’t want to play with naughty child). Halim and Zaleza looked at each other in amusement and Zaleza said she in a stern voice that she  will look after her toys and won’t let the ‘budak nakal’ play with her stuff. Mina looked surprise but she hurriedly took Shila for her shower.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

SJKT Port Dickson – haunted?

SJKT Port Dickson – haunted?

Is SJKT Port Dickson really haunted or the wild gothic imagination of some school kids?

Port Dickson or simply PD to locals or foreign tourists is a beach and holiday destination situated about about 90 km from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. PD is located in the state of Negeri Sembilan in Peninsular Malaysia. It is only just an hour by car to travel from Kuala Lumpur to Port Dickson along the North-South Expressway. 

I have heard of hotels and resorts being haunted but a school is a rare occurrence! (or if you know anything about the supernatural in Port Dickson, please let me know)

A picture of SJKT Port Dickson

There were some talk about SJKT Port Dickson being haunted by some people connected to the school. According to the stories they are visited about strange and spooky apparitions especially in the late evenings. For example, people were to have seen ghostlike apparitions floating in certain classrooms and the toilets. There is even an incident where they saw fiery orbs of light in the school compound.

Kamesh, a former student from SPKT Port Dickson, is positive sure that he has seen an unbelievable  and eerie “object” at school. Kamesh did not believe in ghosts and the supernatural during his time in school, in fact he was a ‘bully’ getting into punchups and fights with the other kids. One day after a football match at the school field, Kamesh and his friend Silva was at the school block having a cigarette. The two them were squatting on the hind legs, happily puffing away, when Kamesh noticed a white cloth-like thing  from the corner of his eye. Silva saw Kamesh looking strangely at something and decided to look in that direction. 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Old Chinese Beliefs

Old Chinese Beliefs

A girl considered the implications and the truth about the old Chinese Beliefs by the untimely death of her father.

Hui Min’s father passed away suddenly when she was only 12 years old and she left with only her mother and elder siblings. Hui Ming did not follow or believe the traditional Chinese beliefs followed by her relatives. So when she was told that her father death, the 7th day, her father’s spirit will be coming back for his final visit, she thought it was a complete nonsense besides she was too distract by her father’s death. 

A Typical Chinese Funeral in the olden day (by

On that night, she went to her room to sleep by herself as her older siblings decided on sleeping with their mother. She was startled and woke up when she heard barking from the porch in from her house. It was their dog, Dusty a mongrel breed, that was making all that noise.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Rural School in Sarawak

Rural School in Sarawak

A rural school in Sarawak gets a nasty shock where they witnessed a flying apparition.

Asyraf tells me of his many happy years during his childhood in Sarawak (the “land of the hornbills”) in the island of Borneo. However he said that Sarawak can sometimes be mysterious and eerie especially in the rural areas. 

Asyraf lives with his siblings and his parents in rural area of that state where his father works as a technician for electrical appliances and his mother works as a Government teacher. This is a tale about his mother who was a teacher in the rural school.

A Rural School in Sarawak

On that morning, his mother was walking to her classroom when she noticed that one the female student was busy talking with a group of friends to a  “new student” dressed in a tudung (translation: a scarf worn on the head of a female).

A student wearing “tudung” in the centre of the photo

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Childhood Doll

Childhood Doll 

A young lady brings back her childhood doll to her house but encounters unexpected and terrifying results.

This is a scary tale shared by Lionel Tay, a trading stock broker, as things are extremely slow at work as everybody is waiting for the general elections. He got into and is a computer games “addict” to pass the time. This tale was concerning his wife Yen Ling where they lived in Puchong in Selangor. Yen Ling’s maternal grandma (“por por” in Cantonese) passed away and they attended her funeral in Raub in the state of Pahang. After the funeral, Yen Ling she absolutely surprised when she found her long lost childhood doll where she lived at her grandma’s house many years ago. She decided to keep as a memento of her previous life at her grandma’s place and put the doll in her house in Puchong.

Her Favourite Doll

After the funeral at Raub, Pahang they went back to their house where Yen Ling placed the doll amongst the knick-knacks which was placed on a side table in their bedroom. Several months are that, Yen Ling began to noticed that there were soft but strange sounds in their house. She mentioned to her husband but they decided it was nothing but only sound from everyday life.

One night after dinner, Lionel was toying with Facebook on his laptop and Yen Ling was bringing a plate of cut fruits to her husband…..she was absolutely shocked stumbled and the plate of fruits came crashing down on the floor as she struggled vainly to get up to  her feet. Lionel swiftly went to help his wife and asked what is wrong. Yen Ling can only managed to look up at the laptop….  

When Lionel finally managed to calm Yen Ling down, she said she saw the reflection of her doll with Lionel’s head beside the doll in the laptop! Looked up at the table with the laptop but he saw nothing was there. However Lionel believes that something weird is going on.