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Child Ghost at Pulau Redang

Child Ghost at Pulau Redang 

A couple, their maid and their young child visit Pulau Redang for their vacation meet up with scary and unexpected experience.

Pulau Redang is the largest of the 9 islands in Terengganu off the east coast of Malaysia. It is also accessible car and sea (fishing village of Merang) or air. It is well known for the sandy white beaches and crystal clear water for local and foreign tourists.

Overall Map of Pulau Redang

Halim and Zaleza were taking their 4 year daughter, Shila, together with their Indonesia maid on a trip to Pulau Redang for a vacation. After the day’s event at the beach, Halim was checking in he his laptop for the latest news while Zaleza was choosing their daughter’s clothes. Meanwhile, their maid, Nina, were preparing some food while little Shila were sitting in the living room engrossed with her toys.

View Of Pulau Redang

Their maid, Mina, walked into the room when little Shila said in her ‘manja’ (spoilt) voice, “Shila tak mahu main dengan budak nakal lagi” (translation : don’t want to play with naughty child). Halim and Zaleza looked at each other in amusement and Zaleza said she in a stern voice that she  will look after her toys and won’t let the ‘budak nakal’ play with her stuff. Mina looked surprise but she hurriedly took Shila for her shower.

When they went to bed that night, Zaleza had a bad dream – actually a nightmare. In her dream she found herself in a room and a smallish white apparition (could not see the face) and the apparition looked extremely angry. Zaleza tried to protect her body by turning away but the apparition kept beating her.

When Zaleza woke up the next morning, she went to take a shower. She was shocked, that her arms and her back had scratches over her upper body! The scratches looked like claw-marks, visible 4 long lines of bruising. Frightened and horrified, she showed her injuries to Halim.

They decided to move out of the chalet immediately and went to another hotel in Pulau Redang.

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