Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Childhood Doll

Childhood Doll 

A young lady brings back her childhood doll to her house but encounters unexpected and terrifying results.

This is a scary tale shared by Lionel Tay, a trading stock broker, as things are extremely slow at work as everybody is waiting for the general elections. He got into and is a computer games “addict” to pass the time. This tale was concerning his wife Yen Ling where they lived in Puchong in Selangor. Yen Ling’s maternal grandma (“por por” in Cantonese) passed away and they attended her funeral in Raub in the state of Pahang. After the funeral, Yen Ling she absolutely surprised when she found her long lost childhood doll where she lived at her grandma’s house many years ago. She decided to keep as a memento of her previous life at her grandma’s place and put the doll in her house in Puchong.

Her Favourite Doll

After the funeral at Raub, Pahang they went back to their house where Yen Ling placed the doll amongst the knick-knacks which was placed on a side table in their bedroom. Several months are that, Yen Ling began to noticed that there were soft but strange sounds in their house. She mentioned to her husband but they decided it was nothing but only sound from everyday life.

One night after dinner, Lionel was toying with Facebook on his laptop and Yen Ling was bringing a plate of cut fruits to her husband…..she was absolutely shocked stumbled and the plate of fruits came crashing down on the floor as she struggled vainly to get up to  her feet. Lionel swiftly went to help his wife and asked what is wrong. Yen Ling can only managed to look up at the laptop….  

When Lionel finally managed to calm Yen Ling down, she said she saw the reflection of her doll with Lionel’s head beside the doll in the laptop! Looked up at the table with the laptop but he saw nothing was there. However Lionel believes that something weird is going on.

Then something in their bedroom suddenly crashed and they both looked at each other. Lionel decided to grab his badminton racket as protection (not much help!) and Yen Ling insisted of coming with him..only at his back. They climbed the stairs and when they opened their bedroom door…they found nothing out of the ordinary, their things were all there. However they were horrified when they saw the doll who was sitting on the side table, had turned 180 degrees!

The couple consulted a Buddhist monk which blessed their house and got rid of the doll. The Buddhist monk said that it was a spirit residing in the doll. It seemed like they accidentally brought back the spirit together with the doll after their brief stay at their deceased grandma’s house.

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