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Old Office Bungalow in KL

Old Office Bungalow in KL

A guy recounts the spooky events working in an old office bungalow in late 1990s.

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Gregory Liew, an old friend of mine, used to work under a public listed company in the 1990s. His office at a large bungalow lot in Lorong Yap Kwan Seng right in the city as an operations manager. The old office bungalow consist of an old building located in a fairly large land which is mostly for internal office car parks. The main bungalow has basically remained the same but internal partitions and use for office have changed. It was originally use as a residential private (by Mat Sallehs - Europeans) bungalow. Looking at the structure, a person could not help think of the past and the people who lived there.

They were a lot of talk among the girls (and some guys) about the building being haunted but Gregory did not much attention to it and took it as foolish and childish tales.

One day he was having an angry and heated meeting with his staff in the ground floor when he found that he could not speak. After checking with a private specialist, nothing was found wrong but he could not speak for two weeks! Taking the time now to ponder and wonder, maybe there was something eerie about the old office bungalow.

The odd thing about the office, the female toilet (which was located on the upper floor) was a source of much spooky gossips and speculations. The girls would go to the toilet and hear people speaking (not loud to understand the words) but once inside they will find the toilet empty. There was also an incident, when a girl washing her hands, when a cubicle in the toilet slammed shut.

Similarly there were incidents were scary and spooky incidents in the pantry and meeting room. The voices were heard but no one was there.

Gregory that a guard have told him that he had seen unexplained incidents when he was working at nights. One frightening event that he saw was somebody suddenly turned lights on the office building and when he went to inspect there was nobody there. At other times, the guard while at late nights would suddenly find the lights turned on and a vague figure of a women working in the office!

Gregory Liew was transferred by his company in 1999 to Ipoh, Perak. Around 2001, the office bungalow has been demolished and new developments were built.

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