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National Service (NS) Trainees Chilling Incident

National Service (NS) Trainees Chilling Incident

3 NS trainees are horribly spooked when they are lost during the jungle segment of their training.

Recruitment of all 18 years Malaysians, both males and females, are chosen to be in the National Service (NS) after their SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia) examination. Those trainees are placed in camps throughout the country for a duration for a length of 3 months.

National Service (NS) Trainees in Malaysia

Zayd, Rashid and Weng are trainees and they have been selected to a Government camp in Sarawak. The three of them were assigned to a forest assignment and were terribly lost. (I have translated their conversation from Bahasa Malaysia to English…as best I can)

“Deep Shit!”, yelled Zayd when they realized that the three of them were absolutely lost somewhere in the jungle. The trainees were not allowed to use their handphones (surrendered to the Camp Commandant) and could not inform their supervisors that there were simply lost. As the sun was setting, it was nearly 6pm, and it was getting dark, they had no choice but look for help.

They decided that the three of them should go individually to go in different directions to look for help and report back in the same place. When Zayd got back first, he saw a very old lady slowly walking  near a thick and leafy footpath. Zayd quickly rushed to the old woman and panting heavily, said that they were lost. He noticed that the old woman seemed to be extremely old, with wrinkles and her face was shrunken with age. However the old woman only looked up at Zayd and smiled. Alamak! thought Zayd when he realized that either the old woman was mad or she doesn’t understand the language.

While this was going on, Rashid came back and muttered to Zayd, “Ayoh! Pretty girl…” Zayd was puzzled and confused about Rashid statement. Before Zayd could say further, Weng came back running saying heard that the trainers had found them…Weng abruptly stopped was shocked and stared at the old lady.

Zayd hurriedly said thanks to the old lady and rushed the two friends to the direction of the trainers. When they brought back to their camp but they were scolded by the trainers for getting lost.

Boys’ Dormitory

When the three boys got to their dormitory, they talked about their trip to the jungle when they were confused about the incident. Zayd claimed that he saw an old haggled woman, whereas Rashid insisted that she was a pretty teenager. Weng, surprisingly quiet in a daze and shell-shocked angrily said, “…that he does not know whether she was old or young…but she does not have a face!”

How could the three trainees have a different view of the lady? Some people believe that strange and ancient spirits still roam the jungles and forests of Sarawak.

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