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SJKT Port Dickson – haunted?

SJKT Port Dickson – haunted?

Is SJKT Port Dickson really haunted or the wild gothic imagination of some school kids?

Port Dickson or simply PD to locals or foreign tourists is a beach and holiday destination situated about about 90 km from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. PD is located in the state of Negeri Sembilan in Peninsular Malaysia. It is only just an hour by car to travel from Kuala Lumpur to Port Dickson along the North-South Expressway. 

I have heard of hotels and resorts being haunted but a school is a rare occurrence! (or if you know anything about the supernatural in Port Dickson, please let me know)

A picture of SJKT Port Dickson

There were some talk about SJKT Port Dickson being haunted by some people connected to the school. According to the stories they are visited about strange and spooky apparitions especially in the late evenings. For example, people were to have seen ghostlike apparitions floating in certain classrooms and the toilets. There is even an incident where they saw fiery orbs of light in the school compound.

Kamesh, a former student from SPKT Port Dickson, is positive sure that he has seen an unbelievable  and eerie “object” at school. Kamesh did not believe in ghosts and the supernatural during his time in school, in fact he was a ‘bully’ getting into punchups and fights with the other kids. One day after a football match at the school field, Kamesh and his friend Silva was at the school block having a cigarette. The two them were squatting on the hind legs, happily puffing away, when Kamesh noticed a white cloth-like thing  from the corner of his eye. Silva saw Kamesh looking strangely at something and decided to look in that direction. 

“Aiyo….” screamed Kamesh as he saw the cloth-like apparition floating and towards the end of the block. Kamesh fell on his back in shocked and struggling on his back trying to get away. Silva on the other hand, was crying with his eyes wide was scambling away the scene. 

When they made finally managed to grabbed their bikes and high tail out of the school. Unfortunately Kamesh’s parents did not believe him – but it really happened!


  1. All schools are haunted. Did you know? My Auntie told me that all schools are haunted, because no one lives in the school. It's true as I've experienced 2 incidents in my school at Melaka International school and our teacher told us that our school used to be a lalang (grassland) back then, and it supposingly was a cemetry before that. In the boys toilet, stuff float as if they were alive. In the school's dormitory, the teacher's and students who live there never get enough sleep. They are woken up by the sound of someone washing the toilet, and when they go to the toilet to tell the "Kakak" to stop washing, the lights are off and there's no one there. The princapal's daughter also studies in the school. However, when she was in her father's (the princapal's) office, a teacher saw her in the girls toilet.

  2. Wow! really scary....I really publish about the school. Thanks so much.

  3. For the first year, the undergraduate was usually offered to stay in dorm and I also no exception. I live in GF, and I can heard people play chasing during midnight (I usually ignored it). On one of the particular midnight when my roommate was not there (back to hometown), I heard someone knocked at my door from slow to extremely hard and tried to turn few times on the bolt... I do not who tried to prank me but I got up and tried to see whether got shadow in between the door and floor... Guess what nada! no shadow. So, I jumped into my bed and covered up my head and tried very hard to snooze off... (I did not told my roommate until we graduated and work)

  4. Hi Anonymous, Thanks for your story - must include in my stories! Thanks so much.

  5. I have studied in many school before since primary because my family shifted a couple of times due to my dads work. Every school i went too sure got stories about ghosts but i never encountered any before. I have actually also studied in a port dickson gomen school before and stories is that the school was used by the japanese as thier main base in pd lol. The most notorious place associated with ghost within that school is the toilet. Theres stories where there are knocking sounds on the wall or doors..giggles and sudden laughter even no one else was in the toilet. I have never encountered anything before though. I even used the toilet alone at night once during a boy scout camping in the school compound. Of course i was very scared and my heart pounding like a subwoofer during my business but nothing happened actually..not a sound apart from the sound of my constant fart. Maybe the ghost cannot tahan with my shit smell haha

  6. stories about school are common...but not everyone (the majority) can't see ghost or even feel their presence. In fact, I personally can't.

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