Sunday, April 21, 2013

Terrifying Vision at Budget Hotel

Terrifying Vision at Budget Hotel

A young man spends a terrifying night at a budget hotel.

Adnan stays at a flat with his family in state of Terengganu in Malaysia. He works as a Marketing Executive at a Batik factory where colourful and motifs are done by hand. At 25 years old, Adnan spends his spare time (if not with his family) then with his buddies at a coffee shop.  He and his friends would chat about anything, especially about sports (football foremost), girls and of course, cerita hantu (ghost stories).

Unfortunately Adnan did not too much experience with his personal life. One time when he was sleeping (his bedroom is just beside the corridor to the flat) late at night where there was barely a sound, he heard a girl voice from his corridor – the girl was busy yapping but not loud enough to hear the words. The strange thing, he could hear voice only her voice as if she was talking to herself. 

In another incident, Adnan was lying in bed, rolling in bed, trying desperately to sleep. When he heard the sound of playing marbles….sounds like in the common staircase between the blocks of flats. Tok! Tok! Tok!....the constant distinct unmistakable clicking sound of glass marbles. At 3 am?...Adnan was too frightened to find out, he covered his head and body completely with his blanket and did not wake up until the morning.

One day, Adnan had to rushed to Alor Setar in Kedah as he was running late to drop of batik samples to a new client. By the time he finally the place, it was already dark. As he was too dark to drive back home, he decided stay in a budget hotel before driving back home the next morning. 

A Typical Budget Hotel in Malaysia

After a quick meal in a Malay coffee stall he went to the budget hotel for the night. Adnan woke up in the middle of the night and found the air-con was not working. As it was already so late he decided not to complained to the desk of the hotel. Instead he gathered his pillow and blanket onto the floor to sleep the rest of the night. He was sleeping on the floor when he saw strange moving pattern of the ceiling panels. As he looked at it closer, he saw that looks like many white bundles of cloths dancing on the ceiling. It went on for a while, the white floating round balls dancing about, when he got up horrified at the absolutely eerie phenomena and grabbed his knapsack and he got out of his bedroom and the hotel.

He spent the rest of the night in his own van!


  1. I have experienced the marbles thing before, it was just like marbles falling down , I hear that most of the time

  2. hi Rachelxox Cutie, have heard so many people heard the sound of marbles on the floor - wonder what the explanation?

  3. I have never heard of these marble sounds before. Now I will be hearing them when I am all alone at night! Eeek!


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