Thursday, April 25, 2013

Part-Time Ghost Hunters

Part-Time Ghost Hunters

A young couple explains why they are so fascinated with ghost hunting.

An old friend used to tell me that, “Easy to invite these ‘beings’ but so difficult to send them away”. I think what he means it that we should never intentionally or deliberately mess with the paranormal beings. Instead we should avoid as much as we can these ‘beings’.

However, I guess some younger people are attracted to the existence or the mysteries of the realm of the afterlife. In fact, they will even the purchase the equipments to specially search for the supernatural.

Equipment for Ghost Hunting

I accidentally met with Polly and Benjamin when I was waiting (patiently…argh!) for my wife at a shopping mall. Polly Teoh and Benjamin Liew are good friends with Tommie, who is my neighbours’ son. I wrote a short article about Ghost Hunting in my earlier blog.

Poly and Benjamin joined me for a drink and we talked about the latest day to day stuff. I asked them why were they so interested about Ghost Hunting – I would jokingly refer to them as Part-Time Ghost Hunters.

Polly explained that when she was studying in Convent Sentul, she was with another girl in class. From the corner of her eyes, she noticed something whitish flashing across in front of her. She was absolutely scared and horrified then the other student started crying uncontrollably. The other girl looks like as if she was possessed and kept crying. After that incident, her Malay teacher told her that the girl was possessed by a spirit. Ever since that day, Polly was obsessed with the existence of the paranormal or supernatural.

However Polly have not encountered any spooky or weird incidents except for one particular episode. This was a couple of years ago, when a group of them met one night, to look for a haunted bungalow in Puchong. 

The boys and girls were happily marching to the bungalow with their so-called ghost-hunting equipments. It was extremely dark night with a few lamp posts and the bungalow looked deserted with heavily over-grown lalangs (grass). Unfortunately, the guard wouldn’t let them in and shouted at them for being so ‘kay po’ (busybody). They had a heated exchange when they decided to go before the police was called.

When they were reluctantly leaving, Polly casually turned her eyes to look back at the guard…to her shocked she saw the guard standing looking at them…but there was a boy standing behind the guard! The boy was smiling and waved his hand to her. Scared and frightened, she turned back to her friends and hurriedly asked to look for the ‘boy’. By the time they manage to look back at the guard – the ‘boy’ was gone!

Oops! I have to end as I have to take my wife to do a bit of grocery shopping (Argh! again). I will continue some other time. If you have any comments or experience similar incidents, please let me know.

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