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A night in Tambun Inn in Ipoh, Malaysia

A night in Tambun Inn in Ipoh, Malaysia

Tambun Inn has been listed as one of the Top 15 places of the most haunted in Malaysia. It is in fact (if I remember correctly, it is No. 6) of the most nightmarish and scary place in the whole country.

In fact I have written about the hotel (in another blog) about the events told my other readers and other clients of the hotel and their recollections of haunting and other ghastly ghost sightings.

Timbun Inn is a three-storey commercial building in the residential area of Ipoh in Jalan Tambun Ipoh near an old Chinese cemetery. It is about 3 km from the train station and 5 km from the airport.

Photo of Tambun Inn in Ipoh, Perak

Many accounts have been documented about ghosts wandering in the hotel, lights switching on and off, eerie whispers, shouts and screams from scary unknown entities. There is even a source that claim an elderly woman whose ghostly vision or image appear a road leading to the hotel.

George Hong as a client of the hotel has the normal complaints, like the karaoke was too noisy, the service and the housekeeping was too slow and there were no carpet on the floors. However George was a die-hard and avid amateur “ghost investigator” as such he was looking forward to visit Tambun Inn in Ipoh on work after the hearing the many ghostly supernatural incidents about the place.

On the first night, after entering his room in the dark, he noticed a flash of light on his wall. It was so fast….FLASH!.. and immediately disappeared. George stood silently and looked about him but the flash of light did not recur or happen again. He was not sure and did want to be a drama queen, after all it could be just a light from a passing car etc as such he did not take any notice of it.

On the 2nd night after work, although George spent the whole night in bed watching the tv, he did not see anything out of the ordinary, not even a whisper from the Inn. Tired and a bit hungry at 3am, he went out of his room and walked down the corridor to search for a late night supper at a nearby mamak stall. As he was walking down the staircase, he notice that a little girl, wearing a blue dress, bouncing her ball constantly on the stairs. He was slightly taken aback, and he asked the little girl why she was playing when it was so late. The little girl did not reply or even look at him but continuously bounce her ball. Thinking that his voice was too soft, he asked the little girl again. Again there was no reply. George thought that something odd and strange about the girl and decided to make a hasty retreat back to his room.

On the 3rd morning, George took a shower as he was going back to Penang after his trip to Ipoh. As he was taking his shower, he realized that his chest was horribly ugly bruised – a palm size blue-black mark located slightly left on his chest and abdomen! He had no idea how he got that bruise on his body. He was totally terrified that he quickly got dressed in a hurry and went back to the clerk to check-out.  George was numbed with fear when he asked about the little girl in a blue dress…the clerk looked puzzled and said there was no little girl! George took off immediately and vowed silently that he wasn’t going back to Tambun Inn again.


  1. Om Sri Hanuman Namaha.

    Om Hanumate Namah.

  2. I have stayed in Tambun Inn before and also used to frequent the coffee house in the Inn when I was staying in Ipoh back decades ago. Nothing untowards or scary as narrated here.


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