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Old Chinese Beliefs

Old Chinese Beliefs

A girl considered the implications and the truth about the old Chinese Beliefs by the untimely death of her father.

Hui Min’s father passed away suddenly when she was only 12 years old and she left with only her mother and elder siblings. Hui Ming did not follow or believe the traditional Chinese beliefs followed by her relatives. So when she was told that her father death, the 7th day, her father’s spirit will be coming back for his final visit, she thought it was a complete nonsense besides she was too distract by her father’s death. 

A Typical Chinese Funeral in the olden day (by

On that night, she went to her room to sleep by herself as her older siblings decided on sleeping with their mother. She was startled and woke up when she heard barking from the porch in from her house. It was their dog, Dusty a mongrel breed, that was making all that noise.

A typical Stall selling Chinese Offerings

Her room was just beside the small living room and their porch was located there. She got out of her bed and opened the door to the living room in the dark and she noticed that their dog was howling and yelping miserably as if in pain. At the same time she could hear the sound…Clang!.. Cling!..Clang!..Cling! it was someone moving a heavy metal chain!

Hui Ming can truly feel the presence of her father who was looking at her in the dark night. She could fell the presence but she was not scared at all, in fact she felt so peaceful and serene that her father had come back to say goodbye.

As if in a trance, Hui Ming left the door open from the bedroom to the living room and went back to her bed. She stared at the presence and eventually fell asleep. 

When she woke up the next morning, she thought the incident was merely a dream and never told her mother or siblings about it. 

As the years passed, Hui Ming was working and having lunch with some colleagues, when a colleague mentioned an earlier incident. His late aunt passed away and that night, he heard the sound of chain being dragged. It was so eerie and similar or identical to Hui Ming’s incident when her father passed away.

When Hui Ming got home, she rushed to tell her mother about the incident. On hearing the incident on that fateful night, Hui Ming’s mother confessed that she was up when she noticed that Hui Ming was up and staring in the dark in the living room and she did hear Dusty barking and the noise from the chain. She however did not want to disturb her daughter who eventually went back to her bedroom to sleep. Hui Ming’s mother knows the truth that her husband’s spirit did come back to say a final farewell to his family.

Are some of the Chinese beliefs fact or fiction…Hui Ming now believes that the afterlife really exist!

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