Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mysterious and Scary House

Mysterious and Scary House

“There is a ghost in every house” a friend of my father likes to say.

Sheila lives in a suburb in a link double-storey terrace in town down in Taiping, Perak. She is the only child and she stays with her parents. She work a tourist guide, as such, she has to wake up very early to get to work.

1st Ghostly Experience
One morning, Sheila was up very early and she must put her makeup on and dress, when she heard sound from the kitchen downstairs, like someone was busy boiling water and making breakfast. She thought it was a bit strange but guessed that it was probably her mother. Normally her parents would wake up much later at 8am, when her father goes to work. 

When she has finished with her dressing, she went down to kitchen and hoping to wish her a mother a ‘Good Morning’. When she got to the kitchen downstairs, she was puzzled that her mother wasn’t there – in fact, the kitchen was exactly where it was last night no cups, no dishes, no pots have been moved!

As she was late for work, she intended to ask her mother later at later in the evening. During dinner she asked her parents whether anyone was in the kitchen early last morning. Her parents looked at each other and said no!

2nd Ghostly Experience
My aunty and cousin came to our house for a visit. My aunty was in the kitchen and was getting a glass of water. Beside the kitchen there is a small store room, which was partially closed when saw something floating in that room. Being a busybody, she crept to take a closer look – it was a fast-moving white shadowy thingy which disappeared in the air! 

3rd Ghostly Experience
Kavitha, Sheila’s friend, dropped by one night as she wanted to borrow something from Sheila. When Sheila was in her busy getting her stuff in her bedroom, Kavitha realized that Sheila’s  mother was in the living room watching TV. So Kavitha went into the living room and said, “Hi aunty, taken dinner?” Kavitha looked a bit awkward as Sheila’s mother did not reply, in fact she was just staring at the TV screen. Kavitha was just about to say hello again, when Sheila’s mother got up on her feet and gave Kavitha an angry look. Kavitha was shocked and puzzled when Sheila’s mother suddenly turned around and walked into the living room! She just materialized into the wall…..Kavintha just screamed and screamed. Sheila rushed downstairs when she heard the screams and asked what was wrong. When Kavitha calmed down she told Sheila what happened. Sheila was shocked because her mother went with her father to visit their friends and nobody was at home!

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