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Rural School in Sarawak

Rural School in Sarawak

A rural school in Sarawak gets a nasty shock where they witnessed a flying apparition.

Asyraf tells me of his many happy years during his childhood in Sarawak (the “land of the hornbills”) in the island of Borneo. However he said that Sarawak can sometimes be mysterious and eerie especially in the rural areas. 

Asyraf lives with his siblings and his parents in rural area of that state where his father works as a technician for electrical appliances and his mother works as a Government teacher. This is a tale about his mother who was a teacher in the rural school.

A Rural School in Sarawak

On that morning, his mother was walking to her classroom when she noticed that one the female student was busy talking with a group of friends to a  “new student” dressed in a tudung (translation: a scarf worn on the head of a female).

A student wearing “tudung” in the centre of the photo

Then the new student got on feet and screamed, a heart piercing shriek, the rest of students were absolutely taken aback and some even fell back on the classroom floor. Before Asyraf’s mother could do anything, the new student turned into two hazy shadows and flew out of the classroom! Some of the students were so frightened that they were simply crying and sobbing, not knowing what to do or what was going on.

Asyraf’s mother hurriedly said her “doa” (a Muslim prayer) and went to her students who were most affected by what they saw. Together with the other teachers and the headmistress they got a bomoh (a Muslim who practice and get rid of evil spirits). The bomoh said some prayers and the students eventually recovered.

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