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Trekking to Gunung Nuang

Trekking to Gunung Nuang

A young man’s account of his and friends eerie experiences of their trekking expedition to Gunung Nuang.

Gunung Nuang or Mount Nuang (or in English) is a hill located at the peak of Hulu Langat in the state of Selangor adjacent to Pahang state. At about 1,500 meters or 5,000 feet high, Gunung Nuang can seen from Kuala Lumpur or Genting Highlands and is part gravel, dirt road with thorns, roots, muds, trees with streams. Basically Gunung Nuang is used a training ground for trekking among runners and climbers.

Foothpath to Gunung Nuang

Fahrin and his friends when on an expedition trekking to Gunung Nuang one weekend. Everything was fine on the way to the peak of the hill but in the evening on the way back it started raining heavily literally like cats and dogs. Their clothes were soaked and totally drenched from the pouring rain as they marched single file along the footpath. Fahrin, being more experience with trekking, moved back slowly to make sure the newer members are still there. 

When Fahrin has moved until almost the end of the line he noticed that Rashid, being one of the experience trekker and was the last and behind the rest, someone has walked behind Rashid!! With the pouring rain relentlessly he peered at the man at the bottom of Rashid…it was an old man…Huhh! … he must be lost, cannot be one of his team as all were young. 

Before he can say anything, the old man who was only wearing a sarong (a garment that is the
worn and wrapped around the waist), the old man realized that Fahrin was looking at him through the pouring thunder storm  – he simply flashed a smile at Fahrin! Realizing something is definitely not normal, he nevertheless got back in line at the top of the group and lead the way back. When the rain was finally over Fahrin quickly glance to the back but the old man was not there!

The second and final incident happened when after the torrential rain, they reach an overflowing stream. Fahrin and a few friends wanted to test the raging water and they went inside the stream to test the water. Fahrin and his friends were in the stream when they saw what look like a huge ‘fish’ moving at incredible speed on the stream. Actually, Fahrin who was closest to the group of friends, personally saw a blurry human-like figure in the water moving at blinding speed. He then decided not to go via the stream but the other way through the foot path although it was much further to reach their camp.

Fahrin only told his closest friends about the strange incidents he encountered at Gunung Nuang. He strongly believes that the “orang bunian” played a big part helping that day.

Orang Bunian is based on Malay folklore are “hidden people” are supernatural entities who live in the natural dense forests or deep jungles and they may assist normal people in their needs.

True or not? I leave it up to decide.


  1. Trekking in Nuang is a Nightmare..I went there 4 my training to Climb Mount Kinabalu..If u can succeed in conquering Nuang,KK is easy peasy..There's this section called the evil red earth,the ground spilts into 2 n u have 2 climb up vertical.When it rains it's even worst..Oh yeah it's leech infested by the way,hence the name camp pacat:}.

  2. hi Alison Alison, sounds like Mt. Kinabalu is worse!


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