Sunday, June 30, 2013

ATM Ghost

ATM Ghost

Two girls going to the ATM’s machine one night encountered an unexpected and horrifying sight.
As everybody knows that ATM (automatic teller machine) is the closest thing nowadays just by inserting a card we can make a cash withdrawal...provided you have the funds. Miss those days when you have to fill up the withdraw forms and line up at the counter and patiently wait for the bank tellers.

Jasmine Ooi lives with her parents and her sister, Annie, in Taman Molek in Johor. One night after dinner she kept put off going to the ATM until the TV series is over and it was nearly 11 pm. Having to work the next day and refusing his father’s offer for a temporary loan she finally decided to go to ATM near her house. As it was late her father offered to drive her and little sister, Annie, to a local branch of her bank.

An ATM machine

When they reached the nearby shops, the streetlamps were well lit but it was full of cars and their father had to double-parked his car. The two girls were strolling to the ATM which was located at the end of the shops.

When they arrived at the bank which houses the ATM they both noticed there was a lady with her back towards the two girls in the fully enclosed glassed panels enclosure. When the lady turned to walk out to the glass paneled, they were slightly surprised that the lady was not only wore a bright red dress but she was wearing a dark sunglasses. How strangely weird Jasmine thought silently about the lady’s attire.

The lady in red who was completely whitish pale in facial complexion suddenly materialized and reappeared out of the exposed glass panels and gently glided into the pavement....OMG! Annie screamed more startled than frightened and she grabbed Jasmine arms and they both nearly toppled over as they scrambled backwards. The lady with sunglass and in red seemed not to notice the commotion and just walked past the frightened girls ... she gently flew up and soared into the air in the opposite direction towards the main road.
Jasmine and Annie continued to scream and they both ran back as fast as they can to their father’s car unable to understand what had actually happened.

By the way Jasmine did not manage to the bank’s ATM at the nearby shops that night...the girls got really sick.

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