Thursday, June 27, 2013

Japanese Ghosts in Malaysia

Japanese Ghosts in Malaysia

Jamil and Arof decided to love their kites at Pantai Bahru at the beach and fishing village in Kelantan but they encountered an eerie and scary incident.

Pantai Bahru is located approximately 10 km from the state capital of Kota Bahru in Kelantan. It was the place that in 1941 the invasion of the Japanese army during the 2nd World War which eventually led to the surrender and downfall of Malaya and Singapore (if my history don’t fail me ... way before my time-lah).
Getting to my story, Jamil and Arof intended to go on that weekend to fly their kites (translation – laying-layang or wau) at that beach after driving from their house in Kota Bahru. By the time they were through with the kite flying it was already dark past 7pm and they gathered their stuff to go home.

Photo of Japanese Army

As they sat feeling the breeze blowing from the beach packing up their stuff, Jamil saw that a group of men were busy on the beach which was about 200 meters away. Arof who was chatting happily with Jamil also looked at the same scene at the beach. They could not see clearly due to the fading light, but the people were dressed in some kind of uniform. At the same time, they were puzzled that they could not hear any sound caused by the commotion of the people. Except for the sound from the breeze and the swishing sound of the waves there was absolutely no sound– like in an old fashioned silent movie! 

Then they realised that they were actually Japanese soldiers from their uniforms ...... Adoi!...they both look at each other, dumbfounded completely speechless and couldn’t understand the weird scary scene that were happening in front of their eyes.

 As the Japanese army began their force march, Jamil and Arof scattered scrambling and yelping all the way to their car and driving like mad all the way to Kota Bahru. They even left their kites and their belongings on the beach...

Some people believe that ‘they’ do not realise that they no longer exist and their violent deaths only bring back memories of the past.


  1. you know what would I like to have from them as a souvenir, their Katana's...


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