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Kingwood Hotel, Sibu – haunted?

Kingwood Hotel, Sibu – haunted?

John Lai stayed three nights at Kingwood Hotel where he faced an eerie and frightening series of events.

Kingwood Hotel is an international 4-star hotel located in the town of Sibu, Sarawak and the only hotel in Sibu that can boast of an idyllic view of the mighty Rejang River.
John Lai is the manager of an IT company in Kuching and he was chosen for a seminar in Sibu, Sarawak. As the seminar was located near to Kingwood Hotel he booked a room for himself for three nights. 

Night view of Kingwood Hotel in Sibu

After John Lai has checked into the room he found the room dimly lit with the windows covered with heavy curtains. He felt like he was pressed by a heavy pressure on his chest and he was basically extremely unease or uncomfortable. Quickly he opened the closed curtains with the bright sunlight flowing through he slowly felt much better and lighter. Thinking it was just stress he did not think much about the incident.

During the next day when he got back at night after dinner he had a long chat his wife by phone with the news on the TV in his bedroom. He then took a long shower and brushed his teeth at the bathroom basin. While he was brushing his teeth he casually looked up at the mirror beside the basin – there was a dark figure of what look-like a man behind him from the reflection of the mirror. Then suddenly the figure disappeared!

Knowing something was wrong he hurriedly got out of his bedroom and rushed to the customers’ lobby at the hotel. He angrily explained his weird experiences in his room to the customer support office. The night manager was finally convinced by John to replace the room for another room.

Looking back at the incident at the hotel John believes there are things that cannot be seen by the naked eye. He also believes that whether one believes in God or in “different levels”   some of the afterlife are lost, trapped or abandoned spirits and whether we believe or disbelieve, they should be respected.

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