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Ghostly Hide & Seek

Ghostly Hide & Seek

In the 1970s, Nordin lived with his family in the sleepy town of Alor Star in Kedah. After school one evening, Nordin (“Din” – short form) his brothers, sister and some of their neighbourhood were playing.
They were playing the childhood and traditional games like like guli, gasing, layang (translated – marbles, tops, kites) around the neighbourhood. They were warned many times by the adults not to go to a nearby deserted house but of course “it comes out one ear and out the other”. One of the girls persuaded them of a game of ‘Hide n Seek”.

A Game of Hide n Seek

While they were playing Hide n Seek, Din heard their mother calling for them and they reluctantly had to call the game over before their mother was got angry. Din was in one of the living room in the deserted house when he walked back pass the toilet on his way out. He saw his sister, Kak Min, walking briskly from the toilet when he briefly looked at the toilet.

Kak Min was hurriedly walking from the broken toilet when he saw a little girl sitting beside the sink and she had her arms about her knees in a squatting position. Before he could say anything  Kak Min motioned to him to hurry up and they rushed off. 

A few days after the incident, Din asked his sister, Kak Min, “Who was that girl with you in the deserted toilet?” Kak Min looked up with her puzzled and totally confused expression and replied, “I was by myself...what are you talking about...” 

Unfortunately their mother overheard their conversation and yelled, “ that deserted many times must I tell you to never go there...Whack! whack!...” Din and his siblings got a thrashing from their mother. 

They found up from a neighbour a few years back that the family were killed in that house and she believed that the house is haunted. The entire were family killed was a young girl!

Din cannot help but wonder whether he see a ghost that day? Was the apparition he saw the little girl? I guess he will truly not know.

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