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Apparitions at Genting Sempah-Genting Highlands Highway

Apparitions at Genting Sempah-Genting Highlands Highway

Two astonishing and unexplained tales about Genting Sempah-Genting Highlands Highway incidents.

I have written previously in my blog about ghosts sightings in an article about Genting Sempah in Genting Highlands.

Genting Sempah-Genting Highlands highway is the main road to the famous resorts with the theme parks, entertainment centres and casinos. The road leads separately from Swee Chin Temple to Genting Highlands.
There have been numerous accidents, car crashes as reported by the media at that stretch of highway over the years and many people have questioned whether the ghosts and afterlives were involved with some of these incidents. 

Accident at Genting Sempah road

The first incident when Pei Hui was rushing back with her 5 year old daughter, Jeslyn, at 1am. She was in trouble with her husband and family that she has taken again gambling at the casino. She has huge gambling debts with the “ah longs” (debt collectors) and to make it worse, she lost again at the casino.

She was driving in her old Perodua Kelisa she looked up at her daughter who was sleeping in the car she was worried sick about her debts and her family. The road was foggy and dark when she slowed down looking at a woman and her child, all dressed in white, walking at the side of the road. When she has slowed down, thinking it was odd for the woman and child to be walking at night and alone…..when she had a shock…the woman look at exactly like her…and the child looked like Jeslyn… Arrrk! The woman and little girl, in white dresses, was approaching their car. Pei Hui sped off like a rocket…

Pei Hui now believes that it was a warning sign from the supernatural that she must give up her addiction to gambling. Believe it or not, since that night she has never been back to the casino!

The second incident involved a young couple named Raymond and Ally Chua. They were driving back in the Genting Sempah – Genting Highlands road one night when Raymond saw a man bloodied struggling and climbing down from a ravine beside the road. The man then staggered to the road and got to the other end but eventually collapsed. Raymond was horrified and he braked his car wanting to help but his wife said that he should go to the nearest police station. While he was debating furiously with his wife, they noticed that same man struggled to his feet from the same ravine and with difficulties walk back to the other end of the road and collapsed again…the exact same thing. Terrified and stunned knowing what they saw was unnatural, Ally screamed at Raymond, “OMG!....go! go! go!....”

Immediately Raymond stepped on the gas pedal and the car took off. They did not stop until they reach Old Town Coffee…


  1. Genting is just so interesting!!

  2. Hi Alison Alison good to hear from u! I am so glad you are interested in eerie Genting stories.

  3. You can cover stories is recent bus accident at genting there... =)

  4. Must find out about the bus crash...any idea?

  5. About the first incident.

    If Pei Hui was gambling in the casino, then was her 5-year old daughter Jeslyn alone outside? The casino does not admit children.

    1. This is a make up story by an amateur.The facts do not jive. Good try anyway.

  6. Perodua Kelissa how to climb Genting? And if she drive Perodua Kelissa, where got money to gamble one? I don't believe.


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