Friday, June 21, 2013

Old Capitol Cinema

Old Capitol Cinema

A man relates some of his spooky and frightening experiences while working in the old Capitol Cinema.

I remember as a teenager my friends and I would spend our time at the many cinemas in the late 1970s. Apart from cinema shows, we had a great time chit-chatting among ourselves and of course trying to pick up girls (not very successful....) 

Ah Fook who at that time, was working as an assistant manager at the Capitol cinema at Seremban in Negeri Sembilan. As an assistant manager he also had to work as a cashier at the ticketing booth and as the ticketing attendant when some staff were resigned or quit. Over time he told us of his most spooky and frightening experiences working at the movie house. 

Photo of Capitol cinema in Seremban (by

In the first incident, 2 girls were in the cinema when halfway through the show when the first girl had to go to the toilet. She asked the other girl to accompany her was so engrossed with the movie and merely grumbled. Both the girls entered the female toilet and the first girl rushed to a cubicle. When she was done she went to a basin to wash her hand when she heard flushing sound from another cubicle in the toilet. She waited patiently for her friend but after 10 minutes, she asked her friend to hurry up at the same time she shoved the door leading to the cubicle.

The cubicle was empty!...puzzled the first girl quickly looked back at the series of basins or sinks ... with the taps with water on full blast! The first girl just screamed and screamed. It was said that the second girl did not follow her friend as she was engrossed with the movie and the first girl was the actually alone!

The second incident occurred when Ah Fook was acting temporary as the ticketing attendant . He was getting patrons to their seats when he saw in the dim lights, a long hair lady was sitting by herself in a row of “reserved” seats. These seats were meant specifically for ghosts or afterlife. So happen at that time it was during Hungry Ghost Month where the ghosts and afterlife had a whole month break to spend in this dimension. Sighing with frustration, he went silently to the lady to inform her that could not sit that area. When he arrived he was absolutely shocked and stunned that the lady had only half a body!... the bottom half was not there.

 Ah Fook promptly fainted and he was sick for 2 weeks. He went back to work at Capitol cinema...I guess he thought that work was more important than ghosts.


  1. I miss the old cinemas..Kua Chi shells on the floor,bad seating and that old musky smell

  2. Well, my grandfather once work in cinema as a projectionist told me it's true that film during 7 month they experience giving ticket to ghost. Next day realize they receive hell money.

  3. Hi Anonymous, during the hungry ghost month must be careful...


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