Monday, June 3, 2013

Scary Movement of Lifeless Objects

Scary Movement of Lifeless Objects

Two tales of scary movements of lifeless or common everyday objects like tables, stools, marbles or mobile phones but today specifically were about chairs. 

The first incident was related by Mohd  Ali who was staying at that time in a hostel for students at a local college. There are 2 blocks one for male and female students staying at the hostel. Mohd Ali said that the girls were spooked especially when one student of the two female students goes back to their “kampung” (hometown). They are two students in a room. Of course, he said that the students (especially the females) are welcome to stay in his room – hardy har har!

Anyway, Roshmah was left alone in left alone one night as her roommate had to go back for a wedding at her home town. When she was sleeping she heard a long series of loud scratching sound in her room. She got up sleepily and saw a plastic chair was directly facing her bed just beside her. She was slightly puzzled as she did not remember putting the chair there, especially facing her bed. She got up and moved the chair behind her study table and promptly felt asleep again.

A Plastic Chair

Rosmah woke again after several hours again with the loud sound of someone moving things in her room. She was sleeping facing the wall when she quickly turned directly to face the direction of the study table. Adieu! the plastic chair has moved directly at her bed and once again is facing her! As if something was watching her sleeping. She rushed off, without even taking her blanket, to her friends’ room in that same hostel.

The second incident occurred when Elaine’s grandmother passed away after a long illness. After the funeral at her home everything was slowly getting back to normal (the grandmother stays together with Elaine and her family).

Elaine woke up a few nights after her grandmother’s funeral when she woken up with the sound of a rocking chair from the living room downstairs. Her grandmother used to sit on the rocking chair when she was alive and the first thought that it must be her mother now sitting on the chair. Elaine sighed and decided to go down to the living room and comfort her mother.

Grandmother’s Rocking Chair

Elaine switched on the light from the stairs and went to the living room when the rocking chair’s sound suddenly stopped. She quickly went to the living room expecting to see her mother but her mother was not there. The entire living room was quiet and the rocking chair was sitting as usual at the corner of the room. 

Elaine was confused but maybe she heard the sound coming from one of their neighbour’s house. As she was walking back to the stairs she heard the same squeaking sound of the rocking chair. Surprised and confused she spun twisting her body around to look at the living room – the rocking chair was gently rocking by itself! Shocked and finding it impossible to believe that the rocking chair was creaking gently by itself. Sheer panic she rushed off to the stairs dashed into her bedroom and hid under her blanket till the next morning!

Some people believe that signs of supernatural or abnormal activity from evil, good or deceased loved ones are merely signs that they want their presence to be known.

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