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Ghostly Child Handmarks

Ghostly Child Handmarks

Missy, an eleven year old girl, is rushing to back her knacksack for a night with her friend’s house for the night. 

Missy’s mother was still working so her father had to pick her up to spend a night at a friend’s place. It was already past 7pm when they finally arrived at the house with her father busy getting Missy’s stuff from their car. Missy’s friend and mom were already waiting for her in the front porch.

The night in the neighbourhood was quiet dark and windy the streetlights were poorly lit. As Missy was getting out their car she casually looked at the darken neighbourhood and could barely make out a little girl in a white dress standing beside a tree. The tree was located at the opposite of the neighbourhood road from her father’s car. 

Missy turned and pointed at the girl to her father and asked, “Who’s that little girl?” Her father, already late for his appointment, angrily muttered, “Don’t be a busybody!” Missy’s friend and her mom arrived at their car to say their “hullos”. Missy’s father thanked them for allowing his daughter to spend a night at their house.

Later when Missy and her friend were lying in bed talking about school and boys when they heard a constant irritating scratchy sound from their upper bedroom. Curious and giggling they decided to get out of bed and crept to the bedroom window. Looking out in the darkness which was only dimly lighted and the windy conditions that night they could not see much.

Missy and her friend suddenly jumped and fell backwards from the glass panelled window shrieking uncontrollably and pushing their backs as fast as possible away from the glass window. The little girl which Missy saw previously by the tree was opposite the window pane and smiling at them! The pale little girl was looking at them and somehow got to their window upstairs by floating in the air. The streetlamps were dim but they could make out that she had a girlish smile more like a smirk and her palms were firmly pressed against the bedroom glass window. 

The frightened girls ran sobbing hysterically whizzing to the parents’ bedroom but the parents later found nothing. Both girls insisted on sleeping in the parents’ bedroom until the next morning Missy’s parents came to pick her up.

Whatever it was, there found handmarks at the upstairs bedroom window – it was the size of a little kid.

Handprints of a child

They found out later that a little girl was killed in an accident a few years ago while playing in the neighbourhood. Missy does not know whether there is any connection with the tragic accident but she actually swear that she saw the image of the little girl in the bedroom window that night.


  1. My live in ,abusive boyfriend died afew years ago. Afew days after he died I saw him standing in my living room and a very large handorint is still on the outside of the window in the room he slept in.

  2. hi Anonymous, ....eerie....wonder what the printout mean?


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