Saturday, June 8, 2013

Vacation to Genting View Resort

Vacation to Genting View Resort
Dennis, his girlfriend and his family had a trip plan to Genting View Resort in Genting Highlands for a vacation. They planned for a wonderful trip but was cut short by series of eerie and strange events during their trip. Dennis likes to say that “I don’t want to believe in ghosts but I don’t want to piss them off either”.

Photo of Genting View Resort in Genting Highlands

Genting View Resort (GVR) is part of the Genting group consisting of over 160 acres of natural green, calming and untouched land. Its cool climate and is over 1000 metres above sea level. GVR is located at about 10 kilometers from the highest point from Genting Highlands and they planed to visit Stawberry Farm, Skyway Cable Car, Insect World and theme parks. It also consist of the infamous casino the only one in the country.

Denis and his cousin’s family arrived at GVR before noon and after checking in they planned a quick lunch at the KFC and then off to the theme park. They got back at the hotel at about 6 pm and Denis and his cousin brother were drinking beer and chit-chatting. His cousin’s wife was taking their young son for a bath but the little boy was making a big fuss.

Denis being a “kay poh” (busybody) went out to find out what is wrong. The little boy was crying and yelling unwilling to go for his shower. When Denis finally asked the little boy  he muttered, “... ‘Char Char’ angry” (polite term for big sister). His cousin’s wife finally got to forced the little boy to go his bath and Denis thought the little boy was just being ‘manja’ (spoilt). 

Denis’s girlfriend, Teri finally arrived at the resort at 10pm as she had an important meeting that day and could not make it earlier. Teri did not meet the cousin’s kid as the little child was already asleep. After chit-chatting with Dennis, the cousin and wife, Teri went to take her shower. Denis was busy talking when he was gestured secretly by Teri, who had a towel wrapped around her. Thinking it was his lucky day hurried gleefully over to their bedroom instead Teri hoarsely whispered, “..there is a ghost in the apartment..”. According to Teri after the shower, she saw a female ghost starring angrily at her in the bathroom!

“ is going on...two different people have seen the ghost, there were at different time (Teri and the little boy) and it seems to be the same ghost!” a bewildered Denis thought. After a discussion with his cousin and wife, they promptly left the hotel the first thing in the morning.

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