Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Time Is Up

Time Is Up

“Time is up”, said an old aunty of mine “when a person get to actually see deceased loved ones”.
Newpapers and the media have reported that before a person die, he or she gives a sign or gesture to their loved one before they go. Regardless of terminal illness, accidents or old age, these people somehow seem to realise that their time were up. Some people believe that they were informed by deceased loved ones like closed friends or relatives that their time to go is near.

They are actually able to forecast their death from this life. However some believe that is the work of evil demons and only pretends to know these people.  I know of two incidents of different people who have died who have encountered such similar experiences.  

Serene Chow’s father had cancer and he was resting in his bed one night. She heard her father was clearly mumbling and she went to check it out. When she got into her father’s bedroom she found her father resting in his bed alone. A bit puzzled she then asked her father was alright. He father mumbled that he was alright as it was late she better go to bed. However he refused to tell his daughter anything else. 

 When his aunt (his father’s sister) visited his father, through the crack of the bedroom door, she heard his father excitably telling his sister that he saw his deceased wife (Serene’s mother). Serene’s father passed away three days after that.

The next experience was Dale Choong went back to Batu Pahat for his college holidays. He was staying with his family and his grandmother. On his last night in Batu Pahat he stayed back with his sister when the rest of their family for dinner with some of their relatives. At about 9pm his grandmother woke up and when to the dining room for her dinner. 

While his grandmother was eating her porridge Dale and his sister walked into the dining room and sat down. Dale told his grandma he was going to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow. His grandma nodded but they surprised when she asked why no told her that Aunt June is dead. (recap : Dale’s family used to stay in Taiping, Perak and their parents invited old Aunt June to stay with them as old Aunt June was being build. Old Aunt June was placed at the back of their house which was adjacent to Dale’s grandma bedroom. With the family busy with everyday stuff, the two elderly ladies spent alot of time together. When the Aunt June’s house was finally done she moved away from their house. At the same time, Dale’s father got a better job and then moved to Batu Pahat in Johor. After the move we heard that Aunt June had passed away. We were told not to mention about old Aunt June’s death to Dale’s grandma as she might think it was her turn to die).
Dale looked at his sister with an angry accusing look that someone must have told their grandma. However Dale lied and said that Aunt June is not dead, she is her new house in Taiping. His grandma muttered that they do not have to lie and Aunt June is dead. 

Getting frustrated Dale asked his grandma who her that and her reply was “Aunt June told me – and she will take me together to a peaceful place”. Dale left for Kuala Lumpur the next day and by the time he get back to his place, he received a call from his mother that is grandma has passed away!

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