Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ghostly Passenger at Labis-Segamat Trunk Road

Ghostly Passenger at Labis-Segamat Trunk Road

A brother and his sister were driving at Labis-Segamat trunk road where they encountered an unexpected and unwelcomed ghostly passenger.

Iskandar and Noor had droved their mother to a nearby town of Labis for a few days. Their mother and the rest of the aunties (mak ciks) were going to prepare a fabulous dinner (“makan beradab”) for her nephew’s wedding. 

When they arrived they were asked the usual questions by the aunties like, “why you so thin?” or “when are you getting married?” Finally excusing themselves from the aunties, they hurried away saying that it is almost night time and they have to drive home to their house in Johor Baru.

On the way back, the trunk road was cold and completely dark as they were on the Labis-Segamat road when they saw from the beam of light from their car they saw something flashing in front of their car. It flashed like a blinding bluish light and it moved with incredible speed (whossh!) and it disappeared in the darkness. Noor asked whether Iskandar whether he saw the ball of light but he saw with a split second he merely said that it was nothing, so as not to frighten his sister over a silly imagination.

At the same time they smell a strong fragrance in Iskandar’s car, a sweet and almost delicate feminine aroma around the car. A car with the beam light was coming in the opposite direction and the lights flooded into their car. Noor tried to avoid the glare as she turned away she look at the rear mirror....there was a figure sitting at the bonnet of Iskandar’s car. Shock and stunned Noor was going to mentioned to her brother but a second car came from the opposing direction with the beam of light flooded the interior of their car. 

She quickly peered at the rear mirror and she saw was a woman in white gown sitting away from their booth but she was facing the back of their car! Noor realize the woman, with her back turned, was actually squatting on their booth with the wind blowing in the wind. 

Sensing something was terribly wrong, Iskandar asked if Noor was alright. Squeezing both her eyes tightly shut she hoarsely screamed, “!” Iskandar was a bit surprised but he drove and sped away until they reached a Mandonald’s in Johor Baru. Still shaken up and trembling but over some hot coffee Noor finally told her brother about the incident.

They realized that what happened that night they were merely victims of the supernatural.

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