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Hazlina’s Double

Hazlina’s Double
Hazlina’s was actually my secretary when we were working for a large local company in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She is undoubtedly one of the sweetest, most patience and nicest girl I that ever met (except for my wife ha! ha!). At that time, Hazlina was only about 25 year old when strange and eerie incidents occurred then. She was still staying then in semi-rural in an old wooden in Tanjung Malim, a district of Selangor, with her grandmother together with her elder brother’s family. Her brother and his wife have 4 kids aged between 6 years to 12 years then.

Hazlina’s Grandmother old house in Selangor

Friends and relatives at her old house in Tanjung Malim reported of seeing Hazlina  – who looks exactly looks like her but is not her, and always and mostly when Hazlina is away.
One of the earliest incidents involved the four kids, Hazlina’s nephew and the 3 nieces, when they were playing in the courtyard after dinner and were reluctant to go back for their baths. The constant and angry dressing-down and scolding’s from both the mother and grandmother but were virtually useless as the kids were having too much old fashioned fun with their hide and seek games. The children then noticed that their Aunty Hazlina’s were waiting impatiently and standing and peering at them at the end of the courtyard. Hazlina were carrying a big stick on one of her hand and beating on her palm on the other hand and staring silently at the kids. The children were a bit surprised at Aunt Hazlina’s behavior and mood as Hazlina was normally so patient and so easy going. However the kids reluctantly and silently stop their game and went back to the house and to their baths. When the kids were done, one of the eldest daughter asked her mother, where is Aunt Hazlina. Her mother was puzzled by her question and curtly shook her head, “You know your Aunt Hazlina is working and will be back later”.  The children however insisted that Aunt Hazlina was already back and was actually looking at them in the courtyard. Instead they got a thrashing from their weary and tired mother for making up that story. The frantic grandmother had to fend for her grandchildren.
In another incident, Hazlina’s grandmother got back from market and wearily trudging her vegetables and food stuffs back to her home. She noticed that Hazlina was smiling and looking at her in their front living room. “Oh my god!..she should be at work, is she sick!” Hazlina’s grandmother exclaimed and waved at Hazlina to help her with the vegetables. When Hazlina did not help with her stuff she wearily climbed her wooden stairs…and Hazlina’s was not there…nobody was around. Hazlina’s brother was working, his wife was busy in the kitchen cooking and the kids were in school. Later they found Hazlina’s was at work at that time.
Another incident occurred when Hazlina and her boyfriend (now happily married) drove back home to at Hazlina’s house at Tanjung Malim, after office in Kuala Lumpur and after a dinner. When Hazlina’s boyfriend has parked his car at the house he was excited and grabbed a pocketful of sweets as he expected that the kids to be looking out at the windows impatiently at their front porch for their rewards. Instead he got a surprised of his life when he saw looking out from the house and smiling sweetly at him was Hazlina – or be correct someone who looked exactly like Hazlina, an exact duplicate! With his mouth wide opened, he quickly turned to look at Hazlina only to find her eyes wide opened in total disbelief looking at her double.
When they rushed into the house, they did not find Halina’s double and instead they found the rest of the family in the kitchen happily eating durians (translate: a succulent creamy fruit but often describe as “stinky”).
There were several instances of meeting Hazlina’s double but since her marriage there no cases of her double ….so far!

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