Friday, October 26, 2012

Hauntings at Genting Highlands – Real or Imaginary?

Hauntings at Genting Highlands – Real or Imaginary?
There have been many so-called personal life-accounts of peoples’ experiences of haunting and eerie spooky tales but also there are those stringent non-believers that do not believe in hauntings, apparitions, ghosts and so on. So who is right, the believers or non-believers.
The group of hotels, theme parks and arcade have made famous or infamous in Genting Highlands Resort as the “City of Entertainment “. With their Indoor and Outdoor theme parks, restaurants, disco, and the Arena Stars which feature a galaxy of world class entertainers to their crown jewel, the Casino de Genting – the only casino in Malaysia.

Genting Highlands Resort
I have come across many people who some believe that these is regarded as the most haunted place in Malaysia. At the same time I have also encountered those who believe that all these are simply not true and hog-washed. Actually there are those fall in the third category, those that believe ghosts exist but believe that people should not be afraid of them and basically  leave them alone.
The ardent believers are people who actually encountered and take the trouble to write or tell about their true account of their experiences. On the other hand, the disbelievers have their own stories about how nothing happened during trips to Genting Highlands so it is not true that it is not haunted!
I would like to humbly advise for those disbelievers that they do not have unnatural or spooky encounters to realized how lucky they are. They fall into the category of people who are strong, calm but should not at the same time to be so sure of everything in their lives or making decisions only based on their only their experiences and expect that expect everybody do like them. Most people fall between between the highs and lows emotionally and spiritually, and some of they are fortunate to be of the “high” ones. Unlike the “weaker” ones who might be feeling depressed, down and out, sad or even suicidal.

Foggy Day at Genting Highlands
Someone has described there is God so there must be Ghosts and if you do not like to be disturbed you must be respectful of other spirits. That person believes that spirits will trouble ordinary people describing them as “indirect” approached.
I have met an older couple who was sleeping one night at Ria Apartments, when the husband suddenly woke up. The old lady said to her husband to get back to bed. However the old man got out of bed and went directly to bedroom window and was miraculously pulled back by his startled wife. When asked by his wife what he was doing, the man can only managed to say a woman spirit do it. He was brainwashed, mesmerized or Malaysians called “blur blur”. Was the man easily influence by the woman ghost and was he considered to have “low” spiritual? I leave it up to the individual to decide.

I have been asked many times whether I do believe in ghosts, spirits, apparitions… I do but as a friend was said, “the biggest devils are politicians…joking-lah”.

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