Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ghost Child

Ghost Child
Normah Saad went to West Germany where she graduated (after learning the German language) with a marketing degree. When she finally came back to Malaysia, she stayed in Johor with her parents their hometown. She also visited with her brother and her sister-in-law in Malacca where they both worked. One day, Normah, was babysitting her brother’s son, Adam, who was only 3 years old while her brother and sister-in-law have the night off.
After putting Adam in bed, Normah was busy with her laptop looking for a job and catching up with friends in Facebook. She then noticed that Adam was not asleep and he was lying in bed, a bolster (a small pillow) in his hand and sucking a pacifier in his mouth. She then went to sit on the bed and noticed that Adam was smiling at the ceiling. Normah then asked jokingly what is Adam looking at. Without taking his eyes from the ceiling softly said, “elder white brother” (in Malay language)…Huh! Normah was a bit puzzled and confused.

Boster (small pillow)

Baby’s Pacifier

Normah eventually found a job in Kuala Lumpur as a Marketing Executive for a Distributor. A couple of times, when talking to her colleagues’ children, who was looked preoccupied, she would asked what they looking at. They answer shyly “White boy”…did Normah bring back from Germany a Caucasian ghost child?.... “shiver”

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